Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Witches and goblins and dancers...

oh my!!

Saturday we went with Cindy, Rik, Michelle and the girls out Trick or Treating. Maddie really got the hang of it this year. It was such fun! Rik made Maddie's costume.. a witch.. and she was a cute one! A group of people walked by and commented on the "cute witch".. Maddie, being very serious tugged on my hand and said ... "YaYa... they think I'm a witch.. acutally, I'm just a little girl DRESSED as a witch ya know!"... so cute!!! Sophia being Sophia didn't want to wear the pink poodle costume after having worn it earlier in the day.. it was a little hot.. she also didn't want to wear a cute red dance costume that I put her in so as a last resort I put her leggings on and slid on one of Courtney's tutu's.. from WAY back in the day! Sophia was happy with that and went out into the neighborhood ready for action! All was well until we got to Susie's house.. they expected to see RahRah, Shelly and Susie.. all they saw was 4 Jack-o-lanterns with candles burning, an empty bowl and a note on the door.. something about Goblins and candy.. and them being gone.. I don't know really, didn't read it all.. We told the girls that they weren't home.. it was all good... they moved on to the next house and got candy there.. in the end that's all that mattered! LOL.. the Candy.. Sophia when given the choice always chose a "pop".. she loves suckers.. I'm pretty sure her pail was 3/4 full of nothing but suckers!

I was amazed at both girls.. neither tried to eat one piece of candy until we got back home.

All in all it was a great night.. add in an extra hour of sleep.. well, you get the idea.. although I didn't actually sleep that extra hour.. it still was a good night!


  1. Sounds like you had a ball with the girls & they eventually got all the candy & suckers that they wanted.
    Huggies ~

  2. How adorable and fun. Thanks for posting pics.