Friday, April 30, 2010

Whooo Hoooo!!!

I just did a body test ... my balance is more centered than ever before.. my posture is great, according to my little wii friend.. but best of all.. I've lost another 3.5 lbs! that's a total of 5 lbs since I began my journey again! I'm beyond excited.. I'm believing I can actually do this.. 45 lbs to go and I'll be a "new me"... hmmmmmmmm... I'm no Ruby.. but I imagine this is how she feels when she has a good weight week!!! Whoo Hooo!!
To reward myself I'm going to actually do the walk away the lbs dvd.. I've been saying I was going to add it in.. today I really am!!! Burn baby Burn... calories that is!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh my Gosh!!!

I think today is a definate milestone! It's been years since I've been physically able to touch my toes... this morning I thought what the hey.. I'll try.. Guess what!!! I did it.. I actually touched my toes without bending my knees!! It wasn't pretty I'm sure.. but since there was no one around except me it didn't matter.. I did it.. and I'll do it again tomorrow.. which by the way is weigh-in day.. shudder...
On another bright note.. I went to the grocery store armed with my coupons .. triple coupons at Harris Teeter until Tuesday.. I spent $16.00 and saved $45.00.. not bad if I say so myself!! I only got things I'll use.. and didn't make a special trip there.. I had other errands to run.. so, my trip counted.. over at target I purchased a few cleaning items that I had coupons for.. saved $10.00 there AND got a $5.00 gift card for my trouble.. this serious couponing may work afterall!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Haven't been here in a few days...

so I thought I'd catch you all up...

I've been very good at doing the wii fit every day with the exception of Saturday... we celebrated Sophia's birthday and I had a very busy day... so.. that was my excuse for not exercising... did I celebrate my day of freedom? no! I was so filled with guilt.. I'm not doing this for anyone except myself and I let myself down.. Not only that.. I had pizza Saturday night as well.. not much but enough to make me feel guilty again! Sunday came and I didn't do my exercises.. my feet hurt, I was so tired, I could skip a day.. or 2.. no problem.. at 10:00 PM I finally gave in.. guilt was eating at my very soul.. so, out came the wii and I did 30 minutes.. yes, it was late, yes I was tired... but YES!! I felt such an accomplishment... I did it for ME!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 9

30 minutes is getting easier and easier... I added in torso twist and sun salutation today.. yep.. you got it.. my back and sides are letting me know I added them but I am feeling so much better.. not as much of a slug as I've been..
I'm searching for good low cal recipes to add into my daily menu.. I've cut back on eating.. am trying to give up junk food.. not that I ate much.. but I did discover I ate more than I gave myself credit for.. choosing better is the way to go.. who knew I would have more energy??
Feet are hurting.. might be time to start wearing sneakers when I exercise...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 8

Forgot to post yesterday... but I did exercise.. as well as vacuum, mop and dust.. that has to be counted in some way, right?
Today I've already done 30 minutes of wii fit, kicked some kung fu butt.. at least for the first 3 things.. after that I sort of lost the beat.. haha
I'm down 1.5 lbs since I began this journey last week... part of it has to do with being more active.. part I'm sure, with watching what I eat. So far I've cut out bread and potatoes.. well, until last night. I did scarf down 3 pieces of pizza.. although not the average size slices because this is cut into squares.. so, not too bad.. I actually grabbed 2 extra slices but felt guilty.. and full to be honest so Gabe helped me out with those. I think he preferred the pepperoni slice over the plain cheese..
Off to do some shopping and then back home to do the walk away the pounds dvd... now to figure how to add that in to my activity book on wii.. hmmm...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 6...

and I feel great! I don't know why I stopped exercising... I feel so much better and if I lose some weight.. more power to me.. tomorrow I add in the first mile in the Walk Away the Pounds series... wish me luck!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 5...

and I can feel every muscle in my body... it's a hurt.. but a good one.. today Maddie watched as I did a little on the wii.. she got a lot of joy out of my failure! haha... the way I see it.. failure leads to winning.. eventually... I will trudge onward toward more exercising ... and hopefully downward in weight..

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 3...

and still going strong.. I actually kicked Kung Fu butt this morning! Not a master but sure a lot better than yesterday! I have more energy.. even after grocery shopping and battling at Walmart for my rights to use coupons on ANY size product when said coupon says X amount off on ANY size item... *I lost the battle by the way*... I still have lots of energy.. not enough to motivate me to clean or clear out.. I'll keep that for another day..

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 2 of the new exercise

routine... I must admit I feel so much better.. I know there has been no weight change as of yet.. but just feeling better must be a good thing, right? Kung Fu kicked my rear... but, I did manage to clock in some time.. and it was fun.. NO! I don't mean Kung Fu as in David Carradine Kung Fu... I mean Wii fit Kung Fu.. it's got a cute little rythm to it and it's fun.. I also got my big butt knocked off the high wall a few times in a different game/exercise.. all the while I'm running, walking fast and stretching my legs and arms.. never even realizing I was actually exercising.. how can so much fun be work? Right? Add to this exercise routine a new eating plan and possibly, just possibly my change toward a better, more healthy lifestyle will work.
So far I've not had bread in 3 days.. don't really miss it... and get this.. because I was so sick with allergies during Easter I haven't had a full cup of coffee in 2 weeks... TWO WEEKS.. and not one FULL cup of coffee a day? Imagine that.. me, the coffee-holic actually going without.. that has to be a good sign...enough patting myself on the back.... I need to figure out supper.. without bread and potatoes for me.. not that difficult .. I hope.. hahahaha....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Confession is good for the soul...

hmmmmm.. maybe? Okay, confession... I haven't used my wii fit in over 6 months... I think the last time I did anything other than dust it was in July.. possibly June... ashamed to say there is no good reason for this sad news... so, today with a new look at myself (gasp! I look at least 18 months pregnant!) I've started my wii fit again. Just did 30 minutes... I'm breathing like a stuck pig but think it will be worth it. I did my weight.. I've gained 3 lbs in those long, lazy months... I was shocked... truly thought I had gained about 15 or 20 so I'm glad to see I didn't gain back all I had lost... although if I had stuck with the program I'm sure I would be down at least 10 to 12 lbs by now.. so, with a new heart, and a new resolve I am hoping to stick to this!! Wish me luck!