Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 2 of the new exercise

routine... I must admit I feel so much better.. I know there has been no weight change as of yet.. but just feeling better must be a good thing, right? Kung Fu kicked my rear... but, I did manage to clock in some time.. and it was fun.. NO! I don't mean Kung Fu as in David Carradine Kung Fu... I mean Wii fit Kung Fu.. it's got a cute little rythm to it and it's fun.. I also got my big butt knocked off the high wall a few times in a different game/exercise.. all the while I'm running, walking fast and stretching my legs and arms.. never even realizing I was actually exercising.. how can so much fun be work? Right? Add to this exercise routine a new eating plan and possibly, just possibly my change toward a better, more healthy lifestyle will work.
So far I've not had bread in 3 days.. don't really miss it... and get this.. because I was so sick with allergies during Easter I haven't had a full cup of coffee in 2 weeks... TWO WEEKS.. and not one FULL cup of coffee a day? Imagine that.. me, the coffee-holic actually going without.. that has to be a good sign...enough patting myself on the back.... I need to figure out supper.. without bread and potatoes for me.. not that difficult .. I hope.. hahahaha....

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