Friday, May 28, 2010

Whoo Hooo!!!

Just weighed... down another 2 lbs!!! Whoo hoo.. so far, so good! Right on schedule.. although I do wish my "dun-lop" would go away faster... I can tell it has gotten a little smaller, but not nearly as much as I'd like.. Okay, I realize I'm over 20.. but, heck, a gal can wish for that young figure again, right? One day at a time.. my new motto!
On another HIGH.. we went to the zoo yesterday.. the only thing that would have made it better was if Michelle and Spencer could have gone.. to have all of my children and grandchildren on this trip was amazing.. it's been years since we've gone anywhere as a family!!! I think this means we need to do more of these trips! I was in heaven.. absolute heaven!! I was amazed at the difference in my stamina from last year's visit! I didn't have to stop and sit every few minutes! I actually carried things .. didn't have to hand them off! Amazing!! Such a good feeling to know I'm working on getting healthier for me.. and my family!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back to the grind...

with a few added bonus'.. I have never had a lettuce wrap before.. I've seen them.. just never had one.. until this week.. amazing.. you get the crunch from the lettuce without the added calories of the bread! Turkey is my favorite so far!
I also have discovered low cal smoothies... I made my first one the other day and fell in love.. it would be easy to add in too many of these tasty treats which would defeat the low calorie foods, right? haha
I think I may add in some recipes as I go along. I know I'm the only one here, but, at least I will have them posted somewhere so I can't lose them.. unless the site crashes!
Did 30 minutes of Wii fit today... about to go do walk away the lbs as an added workout...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finally.. done.. complete..

or almost complete! This yard sale had to be at least 3 years in the making! I am not a yard seller.. I can barely tolerate going to them.. what made me think having one would be a snap.. it's a lot of work to have one! Thanks to Sandy I was motivated enough to actually follow through.. Also thanks to Cindy and Michelle for the help they gave too.. LOL.. it wasn't as bad as I had thought.. but it wasn't as good as I had hoped.. we had fun.. what little bit we got to "visit" with each other.. but I'm pretty sure by the end of the day we were all just wiped out..
Results are still coming in as to how much all of us sold .. all in all I think it was pretty profitable.. I hope so anyway..
Will I do another? Not in this lifetime.. I'll give it to Michelle and Christopher or Goodwill.. both great ideas.. I am not, ever, EVER!!! I say, doing another Yard Sale..
Now to get back to my regular exercise routine.. hmmm... I think it's less work!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

I think I can.. I think I can...

I think I can.. really.. I do think I can.. hahah.. Yard sale is as ready as it's ever going to be.. Please Lord, let the rain hold off until after the sale tomorrow.. then it can pour buckets! haha..
I finished with all of the closets that I planned to clear out... whew.. AND, added in my regular exercise this morning! I didn't do anything with wii fit or dvds since last Saturday .. I figured multiple trips up and down the steps to the basement as well as lugging and moving and hauling stuff up, around and down was workout enough.. today since it was a light cleaning I needed to exercise .. so, I did..
I'm ready for a small reward.. so.. I'm having lunch with Julie today.. We've been trying for months.. finally.. I think we're going to succeed!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yard Sale Ready!!

I haven't been here in a few days.. been pretty busy.. We went to Ben's Commissioning on Saturday. It was great! Actually it was Spencer and Courtney's commissioning for the rearing of Ben and Zeke...
I did my exercises before we left.. By the time we got home my head/face/neck/jaw and teeth were killing me.. During the night we had a pretty good rain/thunder storm and amazing as it seems it helped relieve the sinus pressure that has been building.. Thank God!
No exercises on Sunday... I pretty much slept the day away.. feeling much better as the day went on.. By Monday morning I was 100% again. Went to Courtney's and had a great morning with them. After I got home Rik, Cindy, Sandy, Michelle and Christopher came over to price yard sale items.. After running up and down the steps numerous times I got my exercise in.. today was pretty much the same thing.. I haven't done Wii or Walk Away the Lbs but I haven't slacked off in my exercises either.. Wish me luck next week as I weigh in again!
I will say this.. I won't ever do another Yard Sale.. I had forgotten how much I dislike getting ready for them.. but am very excited to finally begin organizing my basement!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Walk Away the Pounds...

what a great exercise program to follow!! In 22 minutes you not only get a good mile walk done.. you've done the warm up, the cool down and stretches too.. add in light weights and this is a great workout to follow.. I sometimes do this in addition to the wii fit program ... sometimes I do it alone like today.. I just didn't feel like doing wii so opted for the WATP ... I think I'm going to Mickey Mousercise tomorrow too!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Even after skipping

exercises for 4 days I've lost weight!! Whoo Hooo! I was so scared to weigh in today.. I just knew although I didn't change my eating habits during the 4 days of off... I just knew.. I had gained.. but amazingly I didn't ! In fact, I've lost 3 lbs!! whoo Hooo... I still have a long way to go. but I know taking it one day at a time.. one step at a time.. one meal at a time I can do this!! I'm sitting straighter, walking taller and am actually a little proud of my accomplishment. I won't rest or slack off though.. I am going to beat this weight .. I am!! For ME!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Haven't been here in a few days..

was so busy with recital and kids over the Mother's Day weekend I didn't do anything.. back to the grind today! for sure.. I feel so blah because I haven't exercised in 3 days..

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Dance recital rehearsal.. mad scramble to find tap shoes that fit.. and now, off to make laundry soap.. I think I've done enough exercising for today.. but we'll see.. LOL

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Today I added

in Dancing with the Stars DVD workout.. okay, I didn't do the entire thing... I had already done wii fit.. Thought I'd just check it out.. I think I'm going to like it.. I added in the Walk Away the Pound dvd yesterday.. I think adding these and giving myself a little variety will be great!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another day... another workout...

and boy does it feel good!! Between eating much healthier and daily exercise I am accomplishing what I didn't think I could.. already my self worth has jumped tremendously!! Each day I am anxious to get in 30 minutes at least.. if not, I feel like I've cheated myself out of a special treat!! Amazing.. In 9th grade it was a feat if I participated in any PE ... haha.. I always had someone else clock in my times! LOL.. shame on me.. maybe, just maybe it wouldn't have taken so long to feel motivated if I hadn't cheated myself out of so much back then.. but then again.. Mrs Ronica wasn't known for being a "nice" PE teacher.. so, maybe it was best I stayed away from her when ever possible! LOL.. Anyway, today, I'm happy to be on the exercise wagon.. much more to come my way in the days ahead!!!