Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yard Sale Ready!!

I haven't been here in a few days.. been pretty busy.. We went to Ben's Commissioning on Saturday. It was great! Actually it was Spencer and Courtney's commissioning for the rearing of Ben and Zeke...
I did my exercises before we left.. By the time we got home my head/face/neck/jaw and teeth were killing me.. During the night we had a pretty good rain/thunder storm and amazing as it seems it helped relieve the sinus pressure that has been building.. Thank God!
No exercises on Sunday... I pretty much slept the day away.. feeling much better as the day went on.. By Monday morning I was 100% again. Went to Courtney's and had a great morning with them. After I got home Rik, Cindy, Sandy, Michelle and Christopher came over to price yard sale items.. After running up and down the steps numerous times I got my exercise in.. today was pretty much the same thing.. I haven't done Wii or Walk Away the Lbs but I haven't slacked off in my exercises either.. Wish me luck next week as I weigh in again!
I will say this.. I won't ever do another Yard Sale.. I had forgotten how much I dislike getting ready for them.. but am very excited to finally begin organizing my basement!

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