Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Buckeye Ball Recipe

1 stick butter, softened
1 cup peanut butter
1 lb confectioner's sugar

12 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/4 block parafin wax

In mixer bowl blend butter and peanut butter until thoroughly mixed. With mixer on low speed add in sugar. Mixture will be lumpy. Add 1 TBLS water at a time to mixture, mixing well after each TBLS until it resembles play doh. Roll into 1 inch balls, place on waxpaper lined cookie sheet. Chill for about an hour.
Meanwhile in double boiler melt 12 oz chocolate chips and 1/4 block parafin wax. Blend well to mix wax completely with chocolate chips.
Using toothpick or dipping fork dip chilled peanutbutter balls to cover halfway. Place on cookie sheet. Chill until set.
These candies freeze well. *you can substitute 1 or 2 tbls crisco for parifin wax but your chocolate will be a little sticky*

Have I mentioned how Blessed I am??

I have 5 wonderful grandchildren ... I should thank my kids and their spouses for that.. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family..
Recently my daughter Courtney and her family have been going through some things.. her youngest son was diagnoised with Scolosis.. he had RSV, Zeke has had the standard cold... through all of this her faith *and Spencer's* has remained so strong and steadfast.. I admire her that.. I wish I could be that strong.. in fact, I admire all of my kids.. each in their own way teach me something new every day...
Thank you kids.. I love you all..

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

As Promised.. Cookie recipe

So.. possibly entering a new phase of this blog...

Someone suggested I add in recipes... I've been considering it .. especially since my exercise seems to have been abandoned.. hahah..
So.. look for new recipes to be posted.. hopefully mixed in with my updates on my life style change.. I know for a fact I will not.. I repeat.. WILLNOT be adding any of those until after the New Year.. however, I will add in recipes beginning today! (Possibly with photos)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Seriously... and I mean...

seriously.. I have to get on track.. Lord love a DUCK... what is it with me? I join WW then don't follow through? Really? Seriously?
Yesterday was a good day.. I did go over my points by .5 but, but, at least I logged them in, right?
Today I'm going to be much better and add in more exercise..
Off to visit my boys.. and Courtney! hahaha.. I'll work on exercise when I get home..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Onward... and downward?

it took threatening to cancel my subscription with WW before I was actually able to access my profile and set things up.. you'd think they wouldn't make you resort to threats.. but.. who am I.. just one little peon in their multitude of folks.. they have my money.. they could care less really if I use the program or not.. let's face it.. it's entirely up to me...
So far so good.. I'm not using all of my points.. I am finding that a little hard to do.. Oh well.. I guess with a little practice I'll find something to use for the points.. right?
No weight loss of record yet.. but soon.. I hope!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Weight Watchers...

here I come! I've decided to join WW online. I've done it in the past and thought this might be a good time to rejoin.. free sign up fee.. however, just before the holidays was probably a bad move.. haha.
I hope this change will give me the jump start I need to get back on track.. nothing but me being too lazy to turn on the wii and or insert the walk away the pounds dvd is the only excuse I can find for not exercising.. it's my body.. my mind.. my fault.. and I will get serious about it again.. afterall.. who is it hurting? ME, right?

Friday, October 15, 2010

So.. a month has passed...

this can't be good... or can it? I have been doing a small amount of exercise.. shame on me... I have been watching what I eat... but have eaten bread once and potatoes.. one bite.. once.. shame on me.. oh well.. back on track now..
What is the best thing that has happened? You all know about Jace.. that's one great thing.. another is.. can you stand it???... Ben and Zeke are spending the weekend with YaYa and PawPaw... mommy and daddy are on a mini vacation.. it was decided to let the boys come here instead of me driving there.. Thank you Courtney.. and thank you God.. prayers are answered! haha..
I'm thrilled to have both boys here.. and have high hopes of having all 5 of my grandkids on the farm at one time this weekend.. hopes.. nothing for sure..
I'm not sure how Maddie will feel about Zeke "camping" out here .. we'll see.. hopefully there will come a day when I can handle both of them "camping" out here.. one day.. maybe.. soon? LOL.. I won't push my luck.. right now I'm trying to get through nap/quiet time. Ben is sleeping.. Zeke is entertaining himself with chatter.. as long as he's not crying and isn't trying to escape I think all is good!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Disappointed in myself..

I have rediscovered what ignoring exercise and not eating right can cause.. weight gain.. for the past 4 weeks I've exercised none.. well, little.. and have eaten bread 2 times.. once in sandwich form and once in pizza.. I've been crocheting a lot and not getting up and moving.. so, today when I climbed on the wii fit for a weight/body check I discovered I have gained.. for the first time since I started my journey. I've discovered exactly what happens when you get comfortable and think you've beat it.. you haven't.. reality smacks you right in the face.. so, back to my regular regime.. exercise.. no bread, no potatoes, more water, less lemonade!!
I have known for a few days I needed to get back to the program.. in the back of my mind that little voice kept saying "put down the crochet, pick up the wii controller".. but, I didn't.. and now I'm paying the price.. burning muscles, guilt and low self worth.. yep.. right back to the beginning.. dangit..
So.. another new day.. another new beginning.. think I may try to figure out the treadmill.. maybe I can crochet and walk at the same time? hahah...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I have a good excuse for not weighing Monday...

Jace Christopher Little made his appearance in the world and I was there.. waiting patiently.. well, maybe a little patiently.. Okay!! Okay.. not so patiently.. especially when Rick strolled in and said he saw Bubba holding a baby.. what a tease.. we still didn't know if it was a boy or a girl.. Carrie and I were fit to be tied.. Carrie is Michelle's mama.. After about 45 minutes we were sent a text from Christopher telling us the baby was here and to come back before they took "it" to the nursery.. Still had no clue ... the nurses were waiting for us at their station and told us we had to guess.. I told them to move out of the way this YaYa has a baby to meet... we all go in.. and Michelle is holding the baby.. BIG baby... we're step closer and they say "Meet Grace".. I started yelling we had a girl.. then was quickly told they said "Jace"... not Grace.. so, we had a boy!! My little tie breaker is a boy.. Jace Christopher Little.. all 8lbs 14oz, 21½ inches long.. such a sweet, sweet boy.. I can't believe my baby boy has a baby boy... makes me all teary!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Not a lot to say today..

or for the past several days apparently!
Courtney had Zeke's birthday party Saturday at the RDU airport!! What a great idea! Such fun.. it always thrills me to see my grandchildren in one spot. I would never need another thing if this would happen on a more regular basis! haha.. Zeke loves airplanes.. he was so cute watching them take off and land.. I asked him if he knew where the people were going as one plane took off.. he replied "yea, to Target".. sounds like they hit their local Target on a regular basis! haha
Off to exercise, shower then go to the office. We are going to visit my cousin this morning as well.. sad to say her daughter passed away Sunday... bless them all...

Monday, August 2, 2010

So... even though I've been a bad girl

and haven't been faithful to wii fit I've lost 4.6 lbs in the past 5 weeks... I didn't binge eat, didn't go over the edge with cravings, didn't even exercise as much as I told myself to.. and I still didn't gain.. Praise the Lord!
I'm going to be better at this whole life style change .. it's for my own good.. There will be no one to blame except myself if I fail at this.. please don't let me fail!

Friday, July 30, 2010

5 weeks? It's really been 5 weeks

since I've posted? I've been a bad girl! Little to none in the exercise way.. bad girl! Today is a new day! I have exercised, showered and am ready to face a new day.. a work day... haha..
I have discovered I may not like bread afterall. I've had a couple of pieces in the past few days .. needless to say my tummy wasn't happy, therefore, neither was I. I think white bread is a "days gone by" item from here on out. TMI I know! I know!
On a much lighter note.. we went to the beach! Can you believe it? I was actually on the sand, at the ocean, in the sun/clouds at the beach? What do you ask provoked this little trip? My family.. yep.. you got it.. Rik, Cindy, Courtney and all the grandies were there! *Christopher was at the beach... but not with us.. so we didn't see him .. at all.. sad...* I had a great time even though sand and surf are definately not my favorite items to deal with.. the grandkids were awesome!! I loved seeing them all interact .. I have the most amazing family and am so blessed!!
We went to the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher one morning.. it was great.. my friend, Becky and her family were there too, although we didn't get to spend much time with them. It's a little difficult to co-ordinate 2 large families meeting when you have a total of 5 kids under the age of 5. It was great to see them even if it was just a few minutes!
I'm so glad to say my grandkids aren't afraid of the ocean. They all may not really like to go into the ocean, but they aren't afraid of it. Needless to say YaYa sat in a chair, in a somewhat shady spot *until the umbrealla blew away*, and enjoyed the whole event! I have some great video and pictures of the gang.. not all in one spot at the same time but ther again, 4 kids and one photo doesn't happen easily. I did "force" them to stand still at the aquarium for a group shot.. haha...
I'm off to the office.. I will be more diligent about posting.. and exercising. I promise.. afterall, it's to my benefit, right?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!

This of course is said in my best "Gomer Pyle" voice!!
I've exercised.. and am pleased to say.. I've lost another 1.5 lbs... Okay, I have to admit I wasn't thrilled with my weight loss when I first weighed in this morning.. Then I remembered I had just had my breakfast smoothie and a quart of water.. so, I exercised, waited a little while then measured again.. My BMI is down a little but needs to go much further. I still think the weight goal the wii fit expert has set for me is a little beyond rediculious.. I'll be satisfied if I lose another 30 lbs.. they say another 50.. LOL.. I think I'm closer to right than they are! I mean, really? LOL..
So, my goal is set for 2 weeks.. and it's onward and downward!!! Whoo Hoo.. let's go.. get moving.. you can do it!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wow!!! 20 minutes

of step aerobics and my legs are letting me know it!!! Sheesh.. 1613 steps.. LOL..
A hot shower should do the trick in helping to relax a little! I feel much better having exercised ... I keep telling myself that when I try to come up with excuses to skip a day.. some days I do skip.. not good.. then I get back on track..
This is the longest I've ever continued with a program.. although my days on wii fit say 401 I know I've only done about 180 of them... I may clear my character and start over.. I may not.. I hate to lose my info... but I hate showing days that I know aren't true.. LOL.. oh well.. if this is the biggest problem I face then I got it licked! LOL
No trip to Mt. Airy next week.. Rick is babysitting dogs again.. oh well, maybe one day soon.. we'll see.. glad I didn't reserve a room..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nothing new

going on this week.. so far.. continue to exercise.. added in new yoga moves, new stretches..
Hopefully I'll drop another pound or 2 by next weigh in...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Down another 1½ pounds!!

I was so afraid I wasn't going to show a loss this weigh-in... I've not been faithful to wii fit for 7 days but have done other exercises including gardening... so glad to see I did continue to drop weight.. slow and steady wins the race.. or so I've been told.
So far so good.. I've set goals for myself.. have chosen not to consider this a diet but a life change and I've been able to stick to it. I'm not depriving myself of things I enjoy, I'm just cutting back and having a treat only when I feel I may do more harm by denying myself. I think this is a great way to stay on track. If totally deny myself I know I'll end up eating more, more, more of the stuff I should stay away from.
I haven't had potatoes in 8 weeks now.. haven't had bread either.. except for one splurge this past Saturday. Funnel Cake.. yep.. kept calling my name.. couldn't resisit.. didn't even try.. just enjoyed each bite I took.... it was hot and so good!!
I have discovered I really like homemade smoothies! So far peach and strawberry have found their way into my breakfast routine.. I think they are as good as any milkshake or ice cream I've ever had and plan to experiment more and more as long as I don't get carried away! haha....
Keep checking back.. I may eventually feel comfortable enough to add pictures of myself.. doubtful.. but you never know!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tweetsie, Graduations and More

What a busy weekend.. we went with the Holtslag's, Cindy, Rik and the girls to Tweetsie Railroad to see Thomas the Train... What a fun time! Maddie said she wasn't too impressed with Thomas the Train because "black bits kept getting in my eyes".. but other than that the girls had a blast. Sandy and Joe's friends, Jeri and John as well as their daughter, Kristin and Granddaughter, Elizabeth went too. We stayed at Jeri and John's house. Beautiful is all I can say! I so much appreciate their hospitality... On the way home we stopped in Blowing Rock to do a little window shopping.. there was a Shriner's Parade going on.. I've never seen so many Shriner's in one spot before! What fun!

We made it home and crashed! Sunday we got up and went to Sophia's dedication.. beautiful park, beautiful day, beautiful girls! Sunday afternoon we hosted Shelly's Sr Graduation Picnic for family and a few friends.. Susie worried she wouldnt' have enough food and actually had too much! Oh my goodness... what fun the kids had.. including the little ones! Water .. can I just say water... haha!

Monday was great.. Courtney and the boys spent the morning here .. they were in town for Scott's graduation as well as Shelly's.. Zeke and I toured the barns where he sat on "Paw Paw's big red tractor".. we played ball and drew several school bus'... such a wonderful morning... Finally at 5:30 Shelly's graduation began.. the place was packed.. I never did see Shelly until they called her to come across the stage.. I was as proud of her as if she were my own Grandchild... what a special time for her.. and for us to be included when tickets are in such short supply was great! Afterwards we all met for a late supper.. that was Great too!! Special times and Special people.. "My cup runneth over"...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Progress is the name of the game...

Not only am I slowly but surely changing my habits, I'm slowly but surely changing the basement and play house. Cindy came over Tuesday and we attacked the playhouse that for some reason became storage... it was hard, sweaty work but we kept at it until the building is entirely empty!! ... Except for the stuff in the rafters... and that won't be there too long.. Now to paint and fancy up the joint.. I'm sure the grandkids will love having a space all their own to play in.. I know my kids did as did Shelly and Sierra when they were growing up.. I'm just glad to have it cleared.
The basement is coming along. I can see organization getting closer and closer.. even with the added stuff from Jenna and Josh Platt.. The bedroom was cleared out of "stuff" so there would be room for their things. Even with all they have stored there is still plenty of room to move around. Sandy and I will work on that in a couple of weeks.
Speaking of Sandy.. I broke her embroidery machine.. of course Rick thinks he and Joe can "fix" it.. I'm just afraid they'll make it worse and the cost of repair will go up.. right now it's around 200.00.. sigh... why did I use her machine? I should have used my own.. at least then it would have been mine that broke.. sigh.. double sigh..
We're off to see Thomas the Train this weekend.. well, tomorrow and Saturday .. Friday we'll do Tweetsie Railroad I think and then Saturday we'll ride Thomas the Train.. sigh.. I can only imagine the crowd.. and it's supposed to rain as well.. sigh, double sigh again.. When we return home Saturday I have to get ready for Shelly's graduation cook-out on Sunday.. life comes at you fast.. you better be prepared.. most of the time I'm not.. I fly by the seat of my pants and pray a lot! hahah.
Off to exercise.. I haven't actually done a routine this week because I've been doing so much sorting and pulling and sweating and bending while cleaning out things.. today I get back on track again...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Whoo Hooo!!!

Just weighed... down another 2 lbs!!! Whoo hoo.. so far, so good! Right on schedule.. although I do wish my "dun-lop" would go away faster... I can tell it has gotten a little smaller, but not nearly as much as I'd like.. Okay, I realize I'm over 20.. but, heck, a gal can wish for that young figure again, right? One day at a time.. my new motto!
On another HIGH.. we went to the zoo yesterday.. the only thing that would have made it better was if Michelle and Spencer could have gone.. to have all of my children and grandchildren on this trip was amazing.. it's been years since we've gone anywhere as a family!!! I think this means we need to do more of these trips! I was in heaven.. absolute heaven!! I was amazed at the difference in my stamina from last year's visit! I didn't have to stop and sit every few minutes! I actually carried things .. didn't have to hand them off! Amazing!! Such a good feeling to know I'm working on getting healthier for me.. and my family!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back to the grind...

with a few added bonus'.. I have never had a lettuce wrap before.. I've seen them.. just never had one.. until this week.. amazing.. you get the crunch from the lettuce without the added calories of the bread! Turkey is my favorite so far!
I also have discovered low cal smoothies... I made my first one the other day and fell in love.. it would be easy to add in too many of these tasty treats which would defeat the low calorie foods, right? haha
I think I may add in some recipes as I go along. I know I'm the only one here, but, at least I will have them posted somewhere so I can't lose them.. unless the site crashes!
Did 30 minutes of Wii fit today... about to go do walk away the lbs as an added workout...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finally.. done.. complete..

or almost complete! This yard sale had to be at least 3 years in the making! I am not a yard seller.. I can barely tolerate going to them.. what made me think having one would be a snap.. it's a lot of work to have one! Thanks to Sandy I was motivated enough to actually follow through.. Also thanks to Cindy and Michelle for the help they gave too.. LOL.. it wasn't as bad as I had thought.. but it wasn't as good as I had hoped.. we had fun.. what little bit we got to "visit" with each other.. but I'm pretty sure by the end of the day we were all just wiped out..
Results are still coming in as to how much all of us sold .. all in all I think it was pretty profitable.. I hope so anyway..
Will I do another? Not in this lifetime.. I'll give it to Michelle and Christopher or Goodwill.. both great ideas.. I am not, ever, EVER!!! I say, doing another Yard Sale..
Now to get back to my regular exercise routine.. hmmm... I think it's less work!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

I think I can.. I think I can...

I think I can.. really.. I do think I can.. hahah.. Yard sale is as ready as it's ever going to be.. Please Lord, let the rain hold off until after the sale tomorrow.. then it can pour buckets! haha..
I finished with all of the closets that I planned to clear out... whew.. AND, added in my regular exercise this morning! I didn't do anything with wii fit or dvds since last Saturday .. I figured multiple trips up and down the steps to the basement as well as lugging and moving and hauling stuff up, around and down was workout enough.. today since it was a light cleaning I needed to exercise .. so, I did..
I'm ready for a small reward.. so.. I'm having lunch with Julie today.. We've been trying for months.. finally.. I think we're going to succeed!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yard Sale Ready!!

I haven't been here in a few days.. been pretty busy.. We went to Ben's Commissioning on Saturday. It was great! Actually it was Spencer and Courtney's commissioning for the rearing of Ben and Zeke...
I did my exercises before we left.. By the time we got home my head/face/neck/jaw and teeth were killing me.. During the night we had a pretty good rain/thunder storm and amazing as it seems it helped relieve the sinus pressure that has been building.. Thank God!
No exercises on Sunday... I pretty much slept the day away.. feeling much better as the day went on.. By Monday morning I was 100% again. Went to Courtney's and had a great morning with them. After I got home Rik, Cindy, Sandy, Michelle and Christopher came over to price yard sale items.. After running up and down the steps numerous times I got my exercise in.. today was pretty much the same thing.. I haven't done Wii or Walk Away the Lbs but I haven't slacked off in my exercises either.. Wish me luck next week as I weigh in again!
I will say this.. I won't ever do another Yard Sale.. I had forgotten how much I dislike getting ready for them.. but am very excited to finally begin organizing my basement!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Walk Away the Pounds...

what a great exercise program to follow!! In 22 minutes you not only get a good mile walk done.. you've done the warm up, the cool down and stretches too.. add in light weights and this is a great workout to follow.. I sometimes do this in addition to the wii fit program ... sometimes I do it alone like today.. I just didn't feel like doing wii so opted for the WATP ... I think I'm going to Mickey Mousercise tomorrow too!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Even after skipping

exercises for 4 days I've lost weight!! Whoo Hooo! I was so scared to weigh in today.. I just knew although I didn't change my eating habits during the 4 days of off... I just knew.. I had gained.. but amazingly I didn't ! In fact, I've lost 3 lbs!! whoo Hooo... I still have a long way to go. but I know taking it one day at a time.. one step at a time.. one meal at a time I can do this!! I'm sitting straighter, walking taller and am actually a little proud of my accomplishment. I won't rest or slack off though.. I am going to beat this weight .. I am!! For ME!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Haven't been here in a few days..

was so busy with recital and kids over the Mother's Day weekend I didn't do anything.. back to the grind today! for sure.. I feel so blah because I haven't exercised in 3 days..

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Dance recital rehearsal.. mad scramble to find tap shoes that fit.. and now, off to make laundry soap.. I think I've done enough exercising for today.. but we'll see.. LOL

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Today I added

in Dancing with the Stars DVD workout.. okay, I didn't do the entire thing... I had already done wii fit.. Thought I'd just check it out.. I think I'm going to like it.. I added in the Walk Away the Pound dvd yesterday.. I think adding these and giving myself a little variety will be great!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another day... another workout...

and boy does it feel good!! Between eating much healthier and daily exercise I am accomplishing what I didn't think I could.. already my self worth has jumped tremendously!! Each day I am anxious to get in 30 minutes at least.. if not, I feel like I've cheated myself out of a special treat!! Amazing.. In 9th grade it was a feat if I participated in any PE ... haha.. I always had someone else clock in my times! LOL.. shame on me.. maybe, just maybe it wouldn't have taken so long to feel motivated if I hadn't cheated myself out of so much back then.. but then again.. Mrs Ronica wasn't known for being a "nice" PE teacher.. so, maybe it was best I stayed away from her when ever possible! LOL.. Anyway, today, I'm happy to be on the exercise wagon.. much more to come my way in the days ahead!!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Whooo Hoooo!!!

I just did a body test ... my balance is more centered than ever before.. my posture is great, according to my little wii friend.. but best of all.. I've lost another 3.5 lbs! that's a total of 5 lbs since I began my journey again! I'm beyond excited.. I'm believing I can actually do this.. 45 lbs to go and I'll be a "new me"... hmmmmmmmm... I'm no Ruby.. but I imagine this is how she feels when she has a good weight week!!! Whoo Hooo!!
To reward myself I'm going to actually do the walk away the lbs dvd.. I've been saying I was going to add it in.. today I really am!!! Burn baby Burn... calories that is!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh my Gosh!!!

I think today is a definate milestone! It's been years since I've been physically able to touch my toes... this morning I thought what the hey.. I'll try.. Guess what!!! I did it.. I actually touched my toes without bending my knees!! It wasn't pretty I'm sure.. but since there was no one around except me it didn't matter.. I did it.. and I'll do it again tomorrow.. which by the way is weigh-in day.. shudder...
On another bright note.. I went to the grocery store armed with my coupons .. triple coupons at Harris Teeter until Tuesday.. I spent $16.00 and saved $45.00.. not bad if I say so myself!! I only got things I'll use.. and didn't make a special trip there.. I had other errands to run.. so, my trip counted.. over at target I purchased a few cleaning items that I had coupons for.. saved $10.00 there AND got a $5.00 gift card for my trouble.. this serious couponing may work afterall!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Haven't been here in a few days...

so I thought I'd catch you all up...

I've been very good at doing the wii fit every day with the exception of Saturday... we celebrated Sophia's birthday and I had a very busy day... so.. that was my excuse for not exercising... did I celebrate my day of freedom? no! I was so filled with guilt.. I'm not doing this for anyone except myself and I let myself down.. Not only that.. I had pizza Saturday night as well.. not much but enough to make me feel guilty again! Sunday came and I didn't do my exercises.. my feet hurt, I was so tired, I could skip a day.. or 2.. no problem.. at 10:00 PM I finally gave in.. guilt was eating at my very soul.. so, out came the wii and I did 30 minutes.. yes, it was late, yes I was tired... but YES!! I felt such an accomplishment... I did it for ME!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 9

30 minutes is getting easier and easier... I added in torso twist and sun salutation today.. yep.. you got it.. my back and sides are letting me know I added them but I am feeling so much better.. not as much of a slug as I've been..
I'm searching for good low cal recipes to add into my daily menu.. I've cut back on eating.. am trying to give up junk food.. not that I ate much.. but I did discover I ate more than I gave myself credit for.. choosing better is the way to go.. who knew I would have more energy??
Feet are hurting.. might be time to start wearing sneakers when I exercise...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 8

Forgot to post yesterday... but I did exercise.. as well as vacuum, mop and dust.. that has to be counted in some way, right?
Today I've already done 30 minutes of wii fit, kicked some kung fu butt.. at least for the first 3 things.. after that I sort of lost the beat.. haha
I'm down 1.5 lbs since I began this journey last week... part of it has to do with being more active.. part I'm sure, with watching what I eat. So far I've cut out bread and potatoes.. well, until last night. I did scarf down 3 pieces of pizza.. although not the average size slices because this is cut into squares.. so, not too bad.. I actually grabbed 2 extra slices but felt guilty.. and full to be honest so Gabe helped me out with those. I think he preferred the pepperoni slice over the plain cheese..
Off to do some shopping and then back home to do the walk away the pounds dvd... now to figure how to add that in to my activity book on wii.. hmmm...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 6...

and I feel great! I don't know why I stopped exercising... I feel so much better and if I lose some weight.. more power to me.. tomorrow I add in the first mile in the Walk Away the Pounds series... wish me luck!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 5...

and I can feel every muscle in my body... it's a hurt.. but a good one.. today Maddie watched as I did a little on the wii.. she got a lot of joy out of my failure! haha... the way I see it.. failure leads to winning.. eventually... I will trudge onward toward more exercising ... and hopefully downward in weight..

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 3...

and still going strong.. I actually kicked Kung Fu butt this morning! Not a master but sure a lot better than yesterday! I have more energy.. even after grocery shopping and battling at Walmart for my rights to use coupons on ANY size product when said coupon says X amount off on ANY size item... *I lost the battle by the way*... I still have lots of energy.. not enough to motivate me to clean or clear out.. I'll keep that for another day..

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 2 of the new exercise

routine... I must admit I feel so much better.. I know there has been no weight change as of yet.. but just feeling better must be a good thing, right? Kung Fu kicked my rear... but, I did manage to clock in some time.. and it was fun.. NO! I don't mean Kung Fu as in David Carradine Kung Fu... I mean Wii fit Kung Fu.. it's got a cute little rythm to it and it's fun.. I also got my big butt knocked off the high wall a few times in a different game/exercise.. all the while I'm running, walking fast and stretching my legs and arms.. never even realizing I was actually exercising.. how can so much fun be work? Right? Add to this exercise routine a new eating plan and possibly, just possibly my change toward a better, more healthy lifestyle will work.
So far I've not had bread in 3 days.. don't really miss it... and get this.. because I was so sick with allergies during Easter I haven't had a full cup of coffee in 2 weeks... TWO WEEKS.. and not one FULL cup of coffee a day? Imagine that.. me, the coffee-holic actually going without.. that has to be a good sign...enough patting myself on the back.... I need to figure out supper.. without bread and potatoes for me.. not that difficult .. I hope.. hahahaha....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Confession is good for the soul...

hmmmmm.. maybe? Okay, confession... I haven't used my wii fit in over 6 months... I think the last time I did anything other than dust it was in July.. possibly June... ashamed to say there is no good reason for this sad news... so, today with a new look at myself (gasp! I look at least 18 months pregnant!) I've started my wii fit again. Just did 30 minutes... I'm breathing like a stuck pig but think it will be worth it. I did my weight.. I've gained 3 lbs in those long, lazy months... I was shocked... truly thought I had gained about 15 or 20 so I'm glad to see I didn't gain back all I had lost... although if I had stuck with the program I'm sure I would be down at least 10 to 12 lbs by now.. so, with a new heart, and a new resolve I am hoping to stick to this!! Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Today I'm ebmarking on a new venture...

I thought I knew a thing or 2 about couponing but Thursday night I learned I didn't know anything! 2 young girls have hopefully taught this old dog a new trick or 2. We'll see after I venture out today for my first shopping expedition with the knowledge I hope I have gained!
Coupons in hand, grocery list, calculator, courage.. that's all it takes.. oh, and this website... A Penny Filled Pantry.
Wish me luck.. I may become addicted to this little challenge...

Monday, January 25, 2010

End of January already???

Where did the month go? Oh my goodness...
So much to say.. so little time.. but, right now.. the most important thing...
I'm going to be a YaYa again!!! Christopher and Michelle surprised us on Christmas Eve with a framed Ultra Sound of our newest grandchild.. this will be the tie breaker unless they decided to go for the big guns and have twins!!
I'll post a picture of the little one later..
I'll be back with a longer post when I collect my thoughts..
Yea, wish me luck with that! LOL