Friday, June 18, 2010

Wow!!! 20 minutes

of step aerobics and my legs are letting me know it!!! Sheesh.. 1613 steps.. LOL..
A hot shower should do the trick in helping to relax a little! I feel much better having exercised ... I keep telling myself that when I try to come up with excuses to skip a day.. some days I do skip.. not good.. then I get back on track..
This is the longest I've ever continued with a program.. although my days on wii fit say 401 I know I've only done about 180 of them... I may clear my character and start over.. I may not.. I hate to lose my info... but I hate showing days that I know aren't true.. LOL.. oh well.. if this is the biggest problem I face then I got it licked! LOL
No trip to Mt. Airy next week.. Rick is babysitting dogs again.. oh well, maybe one day soon.. we'll see.. glad I didn't reserve a room..

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