Thursday, June 10, 2010

Down another 1½ pounds!!

I was so afraid I wasn't going to show a loss this weigh-in... I've not been faithful to wii fit for 7 days but have done other exercises including gardening... so glad to see I did continue to drop weight.. slow and steady wins the race.. or so I've been told.
So far so good.. I've set goals for myself.. have chosen not to consider this a diet but a life change and I've been able to stick to it. I'm not depriving myself of things I enjoy, I'm just cutting back and having a treat only when I feel I may do more harm by denying myself. I think this is a great way to stay on track. If totally deny myself I know I'll end up eating more, more, more of the stuff I should stay away from.
I haven't had potatoes in 8 weeks now.. haven't had bread either.. except for one splurge this past Saturday. Funnel Cake.. yep.. kept calling my name.. couldn't resisit.. didn't even try.. just enjoyed each bite I took.... it was hot and so good!!
I have discovered I really like homemade smoothies! So far peach and strawberry have found their way into my breakfast routine.. I think they are as good as any milkshake or ice cream I've ever had and plan to experiment more and more as long as I don't get carried away! haha....
Keep checking back.. I may eventually feel comfortable enough to add pictures of myself.. doubtful.. but you never know!

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