Thursday, June 3, 2010

Progress is the name of the game...

Not only am I slowly but surely changing my habits, I'm slowly but surely changing the basement and play house. Cindy came over Tuesday and we attacked the playhouse that for some reason became storage... it was hard, sweaty work but we kept at it until the building is entirely empty!! ... Except for the stuff in the rafters... and that won't be there too long.. Now to paint and fancy up the joint.. I'm sure the grandkids will love having a space all their own to play in.. I know my kids did as did Shelly and Sierra when they were growing up.. I'm just glad to have it cleared.
The basement is coming along. I can see organization getting closer and closer.. even with the added stuff from Jenna and Josh Platt.. The bedroom was cleared out of "stuff" so there would be room for their things. Even with all they have stored there is still plenty of room to move around. Sandy and I will work on that in a couple of weeks.
Speaking of Sandy.. I broke her embroidery machine.. of course Rick thinks he and Joe can "fix" it.. I'm just afraid they'll make it worse and the cost of repair will go up.. right now it's around 200.00.. sigh... why did I use her machine? I should have used my own.. at least then it would have been mine that broke.. sigh.. double sigh..
We're off to see Thomas the Train this weekend.. well, tomorrow and Saturday .. Friday we'll do Tweetsie Railroad I think and then Saturday we'll ride Thomas the Train.. sigh.. I can only imagine the crowd.. and it's supposed to rain as well.. sigh, double sigh again.. When we return home Saturday I have to get ready for Shelly's graduation cook-out on Sunday.. life comes at you fast.. you better be prepared.. most of the time I'm not.. I fly by the seat of my pants and pray a lot! hahah.
Off to exercise.. I haven't actually done a routine this week because I've been doing so much sorting and pulling and sweating and bending while cleaning out things.. today I get back on track again...

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