Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!

This of course is said in my best "Gomer Pyle" voice!!
I've exercised.. and am pleased to say.. I've lost another 1.5 lbs... Okay, I have to admit I wasn't thrilled with my weight loss when I first weighed in this morning.. Then I remembered I had just had my breakfast smoothie and a quart of water.. so, I exercised, waited a little while then measured again.. My BMI is down a little but needs to go much further. I still think the weight goal the wii fit expert has set for me is a little beyond rediculious.. I'll be satisfied if I lose another 30 lbs.. they say another 50.. LOL.. I think I'm closer to right than they are! I mean, really? LOL..
So, my goal is set for 2 weeks.. and it's onward and downward!!! Whoo Hoo.. let's go.. get moving.. you can do it!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wow!!! 20 minutes

of step aerobics and my legs are letting me know it!!! Sheesh.. 1613 steps.. LOL..
A hot shower should do the trick in helping to relax a little! I feel much better having exercised ... I keep telling myself that when I try to come up with excuses to skip a day.. some days I do skip.. not good.. then I get back on track..
This is the longest I've ever continued with a program.. although my days on wii fit say 401 I know I've only done about 180 of them... I may clear my character and start over.. I may not.. I hate to lose my info... but I hate showing days that I know aren't true.. LOL.. oh well.. if this is the biggest problem I face then I got it licked! LOL
No trip to Mt. Airy next week.. Rick is babysitting dogs again.. oh well, maybe one day soon.. we'll see.. glad I didn't reserve a room..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nothing new

going on this week.. so far.. continue to exercise.. added in new yoga moves, new stretches..
Hopefully I'll drop another pound or 2 by next weigh in...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Down another 1½ pounds!!

I was so afraid I wasn't going to show a loss this weigh-in... I've not been faithful to wii fit for 7 days but have done other exercises including gardening... so glad to see I did continue to drop weight.. slow and steady wins the race.. or so I've been told.
So far so good.. I've set goals for myself.. have chosen not to consider this a diet but a life change and I've been able to stick to it. I'm not depriving myself of things I enjoy, I'm just cutting back and having a treat only when I feel I may do more harm by denying myself. I think this is a great way to stay on track. If totally deny myself I know I'll end up eating more, more, more of the stuff I should stay away from.
I haven't had potatoes in 8 weeks now.. haven't had bread either.. except for one splurge this past Saturday. Funnel Cake.. yep.. kept calling my name.. couldn't resisit.. didn't even try.. just enjoyed each bite I took.... it was hot and so good!!
I have discovered I really like homemade smoothies! So far peach and strawberry have found their way into my breakfast routine.. I think they are as good as any milkshake or ice cream I've ever had and plan to experiment more and more as long as I don't get carried away! haha....
Keep checking back.. I may eventually feel comfortable enough to add pictures of myself.. doubtful.. but you never know!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tweetsie, Graduations and More

What a busy weekend.. we went with the Holtslag's, Cindy, Rik and the girls to Tweetsie Railroad to see Thomas the Train... What a fun time! Maddie said she wasn't too impressed with Thomas the Train because "black bits kept getting in my eyes".. but other than that the girls had a blast. Sandy and Joe's friends, Jeri and John as well as their daughter, Kristin and Granddaughter, Elizabeth went too. We stayed at Jeri and John's house. Beautiful is all I can say! I so much appreciate their hospitality... On the way home we stopped in Blowing Rock to do a little window shopping.. there was a Shriner's Parade going on.. I've never seen so many Shriner's in one spot before! What fun!

We made it home and crashed! Sunday we got up and went to Sophia's dedication.. beautiful park, beautiful day, beautiful girls! Sunday afternoon we hosted Shelly's Sr Graduation Picnic for family and a few friends.. Susie worried she wouldnt' have enough food and actually had too much! Oh my goodness... what fun the kids had.. including the little ones! Water .. can I just say water... haha!

Monday was great.. Courtney and the boys spent the morning here .. they were in town for Scott's graduation as well as Shelly's.. Zeke and I toured the barns where he sat on "Paw Paw's big red tractor".. we played ball and drew several school bus'... such a wonderful morning... Finally at 5:30 Shelly's graduation began.. the place was packed.. I never did see Shelly until they called her to come across the stage.. I was as proud of her as if she were my own Grandchild... what a special time for her.. and for us to be included when tickets are in such short supply was great! Afterwards we all met for a late supper.. that was Great too!! Special times and Special people.. "My cup runneth over"...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Progress is the name of the game...

Not only am I slowly but surely changing my habits, I'm slowly but surely changing the basement and play house. Cindy came over Tuesday and we attacked the playhouse that for some reason became storage... it was hard, sweaty work but we kept at it until the building is entirely empty!! ... Except for the stuff in the rafters... and that won't be there too long.. Now to paint and fancy up the joint.. I'm sure the grandkids will love having a space all their own to play in.. I know my kids did as did Shelly and Sierra when they were growing up.. I'm just glad to have it cleared.
The basement is coming along. I can see organization getting closer and closer.. even with the added stuff from Jenna and Josh Platt.. The bedroom was cleared out of "stuff" so there would be room for their things. Even with all they have stored there is still plenty of room to move around. Sandy and I will work on that in a couple of weeks.
Speaking of Sandy.. I broke her embroidery machine.. of course Rick thinks he and Joe can "fix" it.. I'm just afraid they'll make it worse and the cost of repair will go up.. right now it's around 200.00.. sigh... why did I use her machine? I should have used my own.. at least then it would have been mine that broke.. sigh.. double sigh..
We're off to see Thomas the Train this weekend.. well, tomorrow and Saturday .. Friday we'll do Tweetsie Railroad I think and then Saturday we'll ride Thomas the Train.. sigh.. I can only imagine the crowd.. and it's supposed to rain as well.. sigh, double sigh again.. When we return home Saturday I have to get ready for Shelly's graduation cook-out on Sunday.. life comes at you fast.. you better be prepared.. most of the time I'm not.. I fly by the seat of my pants and pray a lot! hahah.
Off to exercise.. I haven't actually done a routine this week because I've been doing so much sorting and pulling and sweating and bending while cleaning out things.. today I get back on track again...