Friday, October 15, 2010

So.. a month has passed...

this can't be good... or can it? I have been doing a small amount of exercise.. shame on me... I have been watching what I eat... but have eaten bread once and potatoes.. one bite.. once.. shame on me.. oh well.. back on track now..
What is the best thing that has happened? You all know about Jace.. that's one great thing.. another is.. can you stand it???... Ben and Zeke are spending the weekend with YaYa and PawPaw... mommy and daddy are on a mini vacation.. it was decided to let the boys come here instead of me driving there.. Thank you Courtney.. and thank you God.. prayers are answered! haha..
I'm thrilled to have both boys here.. and have high hopes of having all 5 of my grandkids on the farm at one time this weekend.. hopes.. nothing for sure..
I'm not sure how Maddie will feel about Zeke "camping" out here .. we'll see.. hopefully there will come a day when I can handle both of them "camping" out here.. one day.. maybe.. soon? LOL.. I won't push my luck.. right now I'm trying to get through nap/quiet time. Ben is sleeping.. Zeke is entertaining himself with chatter.. as long as he's not crying and isn't trying to escape I think all is good!!

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