Friday, September 10, 2010

Disappointed in myself..

I have rediscovered what ignoring exercise and not eating right can cause.. weight gain.. for the past 4 weeks I've exercised none.. well, little.. and have eaten bread 2 times.. once in sandwich form and once in pizza.. I've been crocheting a lot and not getting up and moving.. so, today when I climbed on the wii fit for a weight/body check I discovered I have gained.. for the first time since I started my journey. I've discovered exactly what happens when you get comfortable and think you've beat it.. you haven't.. reality smacks you right in the face.. so, back to my regular regime.. exercise.. no bread, no potatoes, more water, less lemonade!!
I have known for a few days I needed to get back to the program.. in the back of my mind that little voice kept saying "put down the crochet, pick up the wii controller".. but, I didn't.. and now I'm paying the price.. burning muscles, guilt and low self worth.. yep.. right back to the beginning.. dangit..
So.. another new day.. another new beginning.. think I may try to figure out the treadmill.. maybe I can crochet and walk at the same time? hahah...


  1. At least you're re-starting...could be worse & be like the rest of us that just keep wondering...
    You'll be OTAY!

  2. aaaawwww I know how you feel, Sis. I've been sluggish myself lately but hope to get back to it soon (making some small baby steps right now).

    Now about crocheting on a treadmill????? LOL That sounds dangerous!!! But if anyone can do it......YOU CAN!

    Luv ya, Girl