Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I have a good excuse for not weighing Monday...

Jace Christopher Little made his appearance in the world and I was there.. waiting patiently.. well, maybe a little patiently.. Okay!! Okay.. not so patiently.. especially when Rick strolled in and said he saw Bubba holding a baby.. what a tease.. we still didn't know if it was a boy or a girl.. Carrie and I were fit to be tied.. Carrie is Michelle's mama.. After about 45 minutes we were sent a text from Christopher telling us the baby was here and to come back before they took "it" to the nursery.. Still had no clue ... the nurses were waiting for us at their station and told us we had to guess.. I told them to move out of the way this YaYa has a baby to meet... we all go in.. and Michelle is holding the baby.. BIG baby... we're step closer and they say "Meet Grace".. I started yelling we had a girl.. then was quickly told they said "Jace"... not Grace.. so, we had a boy!! My little tie breaker is a boy.. Jace Christopher Little.. all 8lbs 14oz, 21½ inches long.. such a sweet, sweet boy.. I can't believe my baby boy has a baby boy... makes me all teary!

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