Friday, July 30, 2010

5 weeks? It's really been 5 weeks

since I've posted? I've been a bad girl! Little to none in the exercise way.. bad girl! Today is a new day! I have exercised, showered and am ready to face a new day.. a work day... haha..
I have discovered I may not like bread afterall. I've had a couple of pieces in the past few days .. needless to say my tummy wasn't happy, therefore, neither was I. I think white bread is a "days gone by" item from here on out. TMI I know! I know!
On a much lighter note.. we went to the beach! Can you believe it? I was actually on the sand, at the ocean, in the sun/clouds at the beach? What do you ask provoked this little trip? My family.. yep.. you got it.. Rik, Cindy, Courtney and all the grandies were there! *Christopher was at the beach... but not with us.. so we didn't see him .. at all.. sad...* I had a great time even though sand and surf are definately not my favorite items to deal with.. the grandkids were awesome!! I loved seeing them all interact .. I have the most amazing family and am so blessed!!
We went to the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher one morning.. it was great.. my friend, Becky and her family were there too, although we didn't get to spend much time with them. It's a little difficult to co-ordinate 2 large families meeting when you have a total of 5 kids under the age of 5. It was great to see them even if it was just a few minutes!
I'm so glad to say my grandkids aren't afraid of the ocean. They all may not really like to go into the ocean, but they aren't afraid of it. Needless to say YaYa sat in a chair, in a somewhat shady spot *until the umbrealla blew away*, and enjoyed the whole event! I have some great video and pictures of the gang.. not all in one spot at the same time but ther again, 4 kids and one photo doesn't happen easily. I did "force" them to stand still at the aquarium for a group shot.. haha...
I'm off to the office.. I will be more diligent about posting.. and exercising. I promise.. afterall, it's to my benefit, right?

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