Friday, June 22, 2012

Metamorphoses of a wreath..

Ugly Goodwill find... 1.99.. a bit more than I like to pay for a base..but, it is what it is.. hahaha
First round of deco mesh.. green.. not exactly sure what it's called.. but green it is.. love it! On sale for $6.99 a roll.
2nd round.. blue.. lovely, lovely, blue.. can you see where I'm going with these color combos? On sale for $6.99 a roll.
Not quite finished but certainly an improvement over how I found these 2 wreath forms yesterday... will update when I've completed both wreaths!! ..
Yesterday I met 2 friends for breakfast and some shopping.. after touring the discount fabric store we went to Goodwill.. some times you can find good deals.. other days not so much.. I find every day our Goodwill is priced too high.. however, yesterday I did find 2 Christmas wreaths.. ugly.. that's all I can say good about them.. but the base was salvageable.. at least I think so.. here is a partial product.. I have to find the perfect ribbon for a bow and add in some peacock feathers..
What do you think? A work in progress.. save ... or toss and start over.. LOL..

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