Friday, August 24, 2012

It's not complete...

yet... but it will be by Sunday. I just couldn't wait to post a few photos of this project... It all started with Maddie.. I painted her a rocking chair in her mom's college colors.. Good Old Carolina Blue... added her footprint, dated the underside... then came Sophia, Zeke, Ben, Jace, Connor and Ellie... I'm a bit behind.. but will strive to complete all chairs by Connor and Ellie's first birthday... which gives me until Feb... wish me luck..
This is Ben's chair.. he was the first I let help paint... Maybe I should let the others .. hmmm.. I did paint Zeke's foot and thumb for his Tarheel print.. so continued that with Ben... not sure what I'm doing with the other chairs.. Sophia definitely does not want Carolina Blue.... she's a yellow girl... so, no foot print there.. or... will there be?? Stay tuned to see what YaYa does!!

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  1. Love it, Cyndi! Such a great idea to put the foot print on the seat. I'm sure Ben was tickled to help paint his chair. How cute!

    Can't wait til Feb to see the other chairs. LOL
    Huggies ~