Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happiness is...

definately being a YaYa... which some of you might know is what my Grandkids call me.. I love being a YaYa.. especially when all 3 of the g-b's are here... it's wonderful.. loud, loving and wonderful. This weekend Courtney, Spencer and Zeke spent some time with us. Spencer's brother was getting married and I got to enjoy Zeke while they were at the rehearsal dinner. Sophia wasn't sure if she liked Zeke when he first started visiting. She definately doesn't like sharing with him as you'll see in photos throughout this blog as I post them.. however, she was being gracious and thought it might be time to teach him to crawl .. such cuteness you've never seen before!!!

He didn't get the crawling but he did scoot after her a little while later.. this he learned all on his own without the help of Sophia.. genius..my g-b's are pure genius!!

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  1. He will get their one day you will look over and there he is getting into everything....LOL

    Thanks for the snippet.