Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pedicures, computer crashes and more...

oh my!

When so much can go wrong so quickly there is always a pedicure around the corner to make things better... however not everyone can appreciate the pedicures I've been getting lately.. they are the best.. and they are free!! What could be better, right? To be honest, I'm very selfish with my peidicure person... it's Maddie.. there is nothing better in the world during my time in her "spa".

She gets right down to the job.. face first in some instances... and does such a lovely job making sure not only my toenail is covered but the entire toe also matches in whatever color she chooses for me! I wear my flipflops proudly when Maddie shares her artistic skills on my toes.. as any self-respecting YaYa should...

On to computer crashes... the second computer crash in a few months. The first crash is beyond repair. Luckily I was given a used computer just 2 weeks before the major meltdown... Lucky for me.. not so lucky for Maddie and Sierra, better known as Rah-Rah. I had given them the freebie but quickly decided it needed to be brought up to the main desk when Matt said he didn't think he could repair mine. I'm still hoping he can rebuild, but it's slow going. As of now, I'm in the process of choosing just the tower. I have no need for speakers, keyboard, monitor.. just a tower.. what to choose, what to choose.. as if I know what to even think of getting! I'm in the middle of a nightmare.. do I need this mgh or that gig? Do I need to trays for dvd/cd burning or just one? I'm of the mind 2 is better than one because it's what I had.. of course, I realize now I do not need tv capability since I didn't even use it on my old computer, nor do I need a remote.. again, not even unpacking it.. what a waste of money!

On to "and more" ... I have houseguests. I love it when my friend Carol and her family come for a visit... they are such an important part of my family.. "friend" is such an understatement.. Carol is family.. even though not a drop of blood from my relatives flows through her veins nor mine her's.. we're "sisters" and always will be! This trip she brought Check Colas from Winn Dixie. My family has always loved Check Drinks.. next trip I think I'll have her bring Cherry Colas.. Christopher especially loves them! Carol also brought oranges and grapefruit from her trees.. they may not look like the ones in stores but they sure taste better... now I need to buy a juicer so I can savor the flavor long after she's gone to camp.. yes, Camp.. Carol works at a camp during the summer... isn't that great? I know I'd feel better knowing she was around to take care of my child...

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  1. Hey Sis........I hope you get your computer woes fixed up real fast. I know how frustrating it can be for us novices! LOL Hang in there Toots!!!

    Speaking of "toots" love your "tootsies"! Maddie did a bang up job on yours! LOL How cute is that! What a nice YaYa you are for keeping it on.

    So nice that your good friend/sister could stop by for a visit & bring you goodies. Enjoy!

    Luv ya ~