Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mountains and friends

So.. I decided to take Carol up on her offer of a trip to her cabin in the mountains. I love the mountains.. I went with the condition that I might stay only one night.. I'm a YaYa that misses her g-k's more than I can say.. so, Brenda, Carol, Jenna and I take off for the mountains. Carol pulled their boat behind her car. She's much braver than I would ever be.. she only swayed a couple of times.. the real challenge was finding a parking lot with plenty of room to turn around in when we stopped for lunch... or so I thought.. I never even dreamed of what she was going to do with that boat once we got to her place.. She had to park it in the reserved lot for trailers and boats... by park it I mean she had to BACK IT IN!!!!!! YIKES!!! Brenda and I sat crouched in the car while Jenna directed the backing.. finally I decided to call out my directions from the car.. then slowly got out and helped.. a tiny bit.. Jenna did a great job of directing actually.. with lots of shouts of stop now.. and hand signals she finally got her mom parked and unhooked.

After resting a while we decided to venture out.. Carol showed us the college, Montreat, that Josh attends. Beautiful campus. She also showed us where Josh will live with several friends this year. Not satisfied with showing us the house from one side she decides to drive to the front on the house.. only one way in.. or out.. so she had to back.. Did I mention Carol and backing aren't exactly a great combo.. Jenna had to shout at her about a rock wall a couple of times before Carol realized she couldn't do a 3 point road turn on such a tiny drive... so.. she tried backing again.. by this time we are screaming with laughter because I could literally touch the wall once I rolled my window down to check things out.. with much pulling forward and reversing... my head getting slapped by tree branches she finally managed to get us out of there.. alive.. with no scratches on Brenda's car and no one injured! Such fun.. such fun... we found a coffee shop that Jenna suggested.. so quaint and cozy... Brenda bought lots of goodies and sadly, that's what we ate for our supper.. not one bite of a real meal.. just cookies and cupcakes.. not such a good thing for my low cal life change.. but it didn't hurt... and felt so good to be "cheating" with 2 close friends.. Jenna's young.. it didn't have an effect on her .. at all! ha! As we were leaving Jenna confessed that she told us to come to that coffee shop because she didn't want to be seen in the college hang out with 3 old women.. AHEM.. I "resemble" that remark missy! When we got back to the cabin it started to rain so we all settled in and watche "The Secret Life of Bees". I recommed it if you haven't seen it.

Yesterday Brenda, Carol and I went out shopping for soap.. yes, soap.. I couldn't stand in the place for much longer than 5 minute shots but they did find what they wanted eventually.. and once we figured out to ring the bell for the owner to come so they could pay.. and after we had to listen to his life story... we were once again on our way.. Found a great place for lunch, did a little shopping and then we went back to the cabin. Brenda and I packed the car and headed home.. such a fun time..and one I'll repeat.. maybe even for longer times .. we'll see...

The closer we got to home the faster I wanted to get here. There is nothing like home in my book. I actually like it here and don't care to travel much further than 2 hours away at any given time. I called Rik to let him know I was home and he brought the girls over for a quick visit. Ahhhhhhhh.. such a wonderful homecoming I had!!! Gotta love the babies...

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  1. Oh what fun it sounded like you had, Sis! Sooooo nice to get away with girlfriends & just act silly & cut loose & giggle to your heart's content!

    So glad you got to refresh yourself! And glad you're happy to be back with your g-babies........gotta love em!

    Luv ya ~