Thursday, June 25, 2009

Maddie, movies and more...

I took Maddie and Sierra to the movies yesterday. It was Maddie's first time going. I'm not sure if she was a fan of the movie but she sure did love the popcorn. An hour into the film she was asking to go back to my house. A visit to the bathroom for a potty break did wonders for the attention span... she discovered toilets that are self flushing.. a novel thing for her.. although I must admit they are still novel for me too!

I of course took pictures of the day as any self respecting YaYa would do *minus the bathroom break of course!*

Once we were home and had lunch Sierra and Maddie played in the pool PawPaw put up for the kiddies... I would love to say it's an inground but I'd be lying.. so, it's the next best thing for a 3 year old.. a blowup pool that is just big enough for her and Sierra to play in comfortably.

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  1. Maddie & Sierra look like they're having soooo much fun!