Thursday, March 17, 2011

The middle of March... ALREADY?

Seriously? I haven't posted in so long I almost forgot I have a blog.. of course, since I'm the only one reading it it doesn't really matter~! ha!

I've decided it's Spring Cleaning time.. at least upstairs. I've given up on the basement.. I'm pretty sure it's a lost cause.. if I weren't so lazy I'd go down and take a picture just to prove it.. but.. I'm too lazy.. way too lazy.. besides I've been up and down those stairs enough for one day..
Great exercise.. and since I haven't done that lately I'm pretty sure my legs and rear will be aching tomorrow.. oh well.. such is the life .. maybe that will jump start me back on my program! LOL...

The dining room is the chosen project.. it's not nearly as bad as it was right after christmas.. I do have pictures of that.. however, it isn't perfectly clean either.. so, the dining room will be getting a makeover.. tomorrow..

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