Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mod Podging... better known as

decoupaging ... I used to decoupage when I was in high school.. good old Ms Ballard, my English teacher, got me started. She was young, hip, cute and a very good teacher. I haven't thought of docoupaging in years.. until recently... I've been blog surfing.. which, by the way, is dangerous.. surfing of any kind is I suppose, but, for me, blog surfing is extremely so... I get lost in blogs and end up doing absolutely nothing for an entire day.. heck, truth be told, for days on end.. but, I digress.. back to decoupage. Back in the day.. oh, say, 1971 or 72, I used good old Elmer's Glue .. with a tad bit of water.. these days someone has "invented" Mod Podge which, is the equevalent of my trusty old Elmer's Glue and water but cost much more. I have been wanting to make some crafty things for gifts, for the girls, for the boys rooms, for my entire house. With Mod Podge, a canvas, my trusty Cricut Expression and time I plan to do just that.. in fact, I've tried a couple of things.. most of them were scraped off and will be used again.. I did send one out as a PIF. They said they loved it.. I can only hope it's true! LOL.. I hope to journal some of my better items.. maybe even the not so good ones.. we'll see.. For now, the thought is there, the items have been purchased all I have to do is choose the best one to begin with.. so.. with that being said... Let the FUN begin...

to be continued...

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  1. Too funny ~ I just did a 'decoupage' post with Easter eggs. I didn't have any Mod Podge so I did it with Elmer's glue and water! I guess everything really does come back around again. Thanks for visiting my page : )