Friday, September 2, 2011

Kitchen Aid Revamp.. Revisited..

As you know, or maybe you don't know .. I have decided my Kitchen Aid mixer needed some dressing up. I used a scroll pattern found on one of my cricut cartridges and went to work... Did NOT like it.. at all.. so, I added a bit more... nope.. still not doing anything for me.. so, I added my name Cyndi in Red.. nada.. how about YaYa in fat font and red? Loved the YaYa .. because that's what I am.. but on the mixer.. Nope.. so, I removed those.. UGH.. wasted vinyl because it didn't peel off as nicely as stated on the packaging.. I don't believe for one minute this stuff can be easily removed for up to 2 years.. 2 weeks and I had a mess. I had to use the trusty razor blade to scrape it off.. anyway, back to the revamp, revisited... I used the Martha Stewart Circle cutter I had purchased with a 55% coupon so thank goodness I haven't wasted too much money.. because I DID NOT LIKE IT.. one bit.. That thing gave me a terrible headache and will be donated to some lucky person.. soon. Maybe it was operator error and whoever receives it will have better luck.. Moving on.. I purchased 2 different size circle punches on sale at Michaels.. perfect.. and proceeded to punch red and black circles out of vinyl.. Cut my initials out of the same vinyl in the monogrammed fashion and applied it all to the mixer.. polka dots in random order Monogram in the center.. on one side.. I might go back and put the monogram on the other side.. I like symmetry.. I'm cool like that.. haha..

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