Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yet another wreath..

My great nephew, Cody, told me I have an addiction.. I believe he is right.. after searching high and low for my BRIGHT pink and green Easter wreath I finally caved and made a new one .. I don't like it.. oh, don't get me wrong, it's lovely.. but it's not BRIGHT pink and green.. nor does it have those colorful plastic eggs we all know and love .. can't find that wreath either.. if they are not hidden in some container under all of my Christmas containers the only solution I have is.. they were in the huge hauls I was happily making to Goodwill during the Christmas season.. yes, I said it.. they may have been donated.. along with lots of other goodies I had no intention of donating.. oh well.. if I did it then, subconsiously, I must have ment to, right?

This is the new wreath.. with a few changes it would be the perfect wreath for any UNC fan.. in fact, I'm in the process of making a couple of those.. must get those taken care of before the big game.. today? tomorrow? hmm.. not sure when but I'll get them done today.. just in case... As for this wreath.. it will be residing on a new door by this afternoon/evening.. Thanks Julie! I hope you enjoy it.

1. Old Christmas wreath
2. Blue deco mesh
3. Spring ribbon of your choice. I used the entire roll adding loops and making the bow.

Using 2 sprigs of the wreath I twisted them around the ribbon to secure. Draw up a loop .. the size depends on the wreath frame and your desired fullness... twist 2 more springs around that section and continue around until you are back at the starting point but not completely touching .. leave room for your bow. With either the same ribbon or something contrasting of your liking wire a big bow together and secure at the starting point. Fluff away.. I always fluff and twist and fluff some more once the wreath is hung on the door. I love a big full wreath for my front door so it can be seen from the highway. You may want a smaller wreath.. this one measures .. oh...26 or 27 inches from top to bottom and from side to side.. nice, big, fluffy wreath. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I'll try to answer ASAP... who am I kidding.. no one reads this.. except me! Oh well, it will be great to have references when Old Timer's sets in...

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