Sunday, April 22, 2012

After Courtney pinned a diaper cover and addressed it to me...

I had to find a pattern and make one for Ellie...and of course I had to make matching flip flops and a headband.. she already has the flower to go on the headband.. but.. I may make another.. you never know.. LOL.. I found the pattern for the diaper cover here: http:// and the flip flop pattern here: http://"
I'll try to write the pattern down for the flip flops I made.. I just winged it after attempting to make the ones shown.. they're cute.. but came out too big for what I needed... it really was just a bunch of single crochet in a continuious oval until I felt it was the right size.. and a single crochet joining in 3 spots on the top of the sole... nothing fancy.


  1. Those are so cute. I also like the little cowboy hat in you previous post.

  2. thank you nonnaluna.. I wish I could get the links to work but for some reason I can't..