Monday, April 30, 2012

So.. I made a little wreath... errr.. well... not so little as you can see!!!
My friend, Sandy asked me to try and put together a daisy for her.. she purchased 2 woven grapevine wreath forms.. one large.. one small.. I wired white deco mesh to the large one before ever finding the yellow.. 3 weeks and 5 locations later.. still no yellow.. even online it's all sold out.. so, hello Decor-sheer.. I forget what it really is.. but Decor-Sheer is what it's called on the package.. maybe.. it's organza?? Anyway, it worked up so quickly.. big loops wired to the smaller wreath form... then I wired the small form to the large form, found a piece of split bamboo I happend to have thanks to my son, painted it green, added a bow in a complementing green for leaves.. and viola.. a daisy wreath.. it might be too big for even my taste! LOL.. I'm thinking I'll make myself one.. but leave off the stem... sorry I didn't take step by step photos.. I tend to forget that.. maybe next time!

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