Thursday, May 3, 2012

Homemade Onion Rings

So not on a Diet Menu that I can find... if it was I wouldn't feel so guilty.. oh what the hey.. I don't feel guilty.. I feel.. well... full.. and satisfied... and well.. FULL.. oh, I said that already, right? If you like onion rings but have been afraid to make them at home.. don't be.. these are better than you'll find anywhere and are actually very easy to make.. honest.. I wouldn't yank your chain.. serious.. e.a.s.y.!!!
YaYa's Onion Rings
1 Large onion.. vidalia are the best.. but any large sweet onion will work
1 lg can evaporated milk. I used store brand from walmart
1 cup bisquick baking mix... I'm sure store brand would be fine. I happened to have bisquick on hand
Salt/pepper/garlic salt mixture .. equal parts of each. I keep it mixed and handy for use on everying... I love it!
Slice the onion to the thickness you like, roll in bisquick, dip in milk, roll in bisquick, drop gently in hot oil. Do not crowd fryer. *I used vegetable oil and a regular pot for my fryer.. nothing fancy.. oh, and a fork to turn the rings and remove from the oil.* Sorry I didn't read the temperature. I use the sprinkle method.. meaning sprinkle a bit of flour into the oil.. if it bubbles and sizzles it's ready.. if it doesn't the oil isn't hot enough and will soak into the coating.. trust me.. it will be ugly if that happens.
Watch the onion rings closely, flip them over once when the coating is golden brown. Remove from oil and drain on paper towel or paper bag.. your choice. I've used both and think the paper towels are less messy.. but being conscious of the environment I know I should use a paperbag.. maybe next time...

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