Friday, May 18, 2012

Patrotic wreath

I've seen tons of wreaths on the internet... pinned over 250 on pinterest ... who knew I had such a wreath fettish? Not I... until Deco Mesh.. haha.. now I can't stop making them.. I'm pretty sure I could change them out weekly and almost.. almost... never use the same one.. if that's an exageration it soon will not be.. LOL..
this is my latest wreath.. it took all of 15 minutes to put together.. again, no photos of the process because it is so quick I forget to stop and snap them. I've seen the forms you can buy to whip up these wreaths in short order... I refuse to pay $5.99 to $10.99 for a form.. so, I use whatever I have on hand.. today it happened to be a Christmas wreath from days gone by.. I like a full.. large... wreath.. over the top I suppose.. This is just a "piece" of a roll of red/white/blue deco mesh. I picked it up at Carolina Pottery in Cary NC last year after the 4th of July for $3.00 a roll... The ribbon is also deco mesh.. picked up at Carolina Pottery for $9.99 a roll.. this makes a lot of bows.. and has also been used in wreaths with other colors. I still have half a spool.. ... this particular spool is 6 inches by 15 yards.. lots of ribbon! I pull up big loops and twist 2 strands of the wreath around the gathered part to attach to wreath.. continue around leaving a space for the bow to be attached.. This particular wreath has 12 loops with a 12 inch bow.. I told you. I like a big wreath! LOL.. I want it seen from the highway.. we live several feet back... not that anyone really looks my way.. but, just.. in.. case.. I want that wreath seen.
The hardest part of making this wreath is sweeping the pine needles that fell from the wreath... geeze... what a mess!!

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