Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First swim of the summer

2 years ago Cindy and I went in together to buy a pop up pool for the family.. that thing was a total wreck.. ohmygosh.. never again will I buy one like that..Anyway, we finally managed to get it up.. somewhat level.. and clean.. by the 2nd year I was a pro.. kept it clear all winter long...until a storm blew in in Feb.. ripped the ring to pieces.. of course, Rick being Rick thought he could fix it.. you can not tell this man a thing.. he knows it all.. for instance last summer he just knew he could clean that pool.. several hundred dollars later he took Joe's advice, drained the pool, cleaned the pool and refilled the pool.. and yes, I did suggest it many times before.. but.. I'm just ME.. I know nothing... ha! Anyway, back to repairing.. that man is so stubborn he worked for weeks.. to repair those major rips.. I'm not talking a small puncture from cat claws.. I'm talking RIPS.. the size of the NILE... he finally gave up.. F.I.N.A.L.L.Y.... my niece offered to sell us her pool.. needed a bit of cleaning.. that wasn't on Rick's radar and if it isn't on his radar it ain't happening.. so, I thanked her..told her to sell it to someone else.. As would happen another niece overheard me whining.. I mean, discussing the situation .. and offered to GIVE us her old pool. She lives in a nice community that has a pool so didn't need this one any longer.. when Rick heard FREE he was all over it.. went the next day, drained, cleaned and brought the pool home. I'm not sure where I was but when I came in.. the pool was up.. with water running in it.. so, after several weeks of chilly weather, the pool was finally christened by the family.. Sophia and Maddie love swimming.. so does Jace.. I'm pretty sure Zeke and Ben will love it too.. not sure about Ellie and Connor.. we'll have to see exactly what I buy for them to lounge on while in the pool.. or.. YaYa can play with them while the others enjoy... ha..
Here is to a happy, fun filled summer!!!

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