Thursday, October 4, 2012

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month...

I don't run.. I don't walk for.. and I'm actually not much good at anything so.. for my contribution to Breast Cancer Awareness month I have had a pink streak put in my hair.. and I do mean.. P.I.N.K. I had it done a few years ago in memory of my niece Rene who passed away from cancer stemming from Breast Cancer Treatment.. I will always miss Rene... anyway, this year, when my niece, Ann mentioned having it done I decided I'd go again.. I mean, afterall, the money goes to research.. and it's an extension.. easily removed when I get tired of it.. right? WRONG.. this is a bleached and colored HOT PINK streak.. I was surprised but had committed to the deed.. so, it's done.. I'm a 57 year old punker.. LOL.. oh well.. it will fade and look almost like grey in a few short weeks.. meanwhile if anyone asks I can explain about Breast Cancer Month and hopefully encourage them to do self exams and help wipe this dreaded disease out.. This is for you Rene, Judy, Faye, Penny, Mary and Terry.. beautiful ladies who have either survived or passed from this disease.. you are all loved.. Penny, Terry and Rene.. you are missed... much!!
By the way.. Men can get breast cancer too.. encourage your men folk to do self exams.. be conscious of their "breasts" too.. I know a man who survived breast cancer!!

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  1. Well I think you really ROCK that hot pink stripe in your hair! LOL And such a good cause.
    Luv ya ~