Wednesday, October 17, 2012

You know Halloween is close...

when the hay bales come out front and center to be decorated.. I can not take credit for starting this tradition.. but it's a tradition we continue every year.. The grandkids LOVE riding up in the back of the truck.. YaYa.. a bit antsy about this.. but with parents in tow we did just that.. Every year folks stop to take pictures... with or without their kids..Last year we even had a Kindergarten teacher ask to bring her class.. unfortunately we had already dismantled the bales but maybe this year...
This year the girls had their first experience of running along the hay bales.. doesn't sound like much.. but it is probably one thing all kids seem to enjoy.. When I taught preschool those kids and parents loved to run them as well!
In fact, I don't think you're ever too old to play on hay bales... if you can get up there~!

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  1. How FUN! Looks like loads of fun & the grandkids were really enjoying themselves at YaYa's house. Wish we were closer. I would love to visit your beautiful farm. I love looking at the pics.
    Luv ya~