Sunday, March 17, 2013

A couple of projects I've been working on...

My niece, Ann, asked me to make her a headband/earwarmer set... found a few on pinterest and went from there... I crochetd 67 chains, single crocheted back and forth until I liked the width. At one end I single crocheted 2 rows, with the 2nd one having chain spaces for 2 spaces, 2 times to make button holes... confused? haha.. just my own little brain trying to figure things out as I go. I then found 2 perfect buttons.. from my Grandmother's button jar actually and sewed them on to fasten the band together. I also crocheted a flower for a clip to be added to the band for a different look if she wanted. chain 31, first row, chain 2, skip one chain all the way to the end. In each chain 2 space I did a slip stitch, 6 double crochet, slip stitch until the end. stitch together to form the bow.. add a clip.. can be used for a hair bow, or as a flower attached to the headband. I hope she likes it.
The 2nd project is also for my niece, Ann. She ordered a burlap wreath with a burgandy/burlap bow. I hope she likes it. If she doesn't I'll keep it.. it looks great hanging under my family pictures... hahaha...

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  1. Your niece is going to love her headband with that pretty flower on it. Great job!

    Your crocheting always amazes me.

    And your wreaths are always beautiful!

    Huggies ~