Sunday, March 10, 2013

Working on a new afghan..

and using a new pattern.. it's not a difficult pattern.. but it is a bit slow going .. much wider pattern.. not sure if that's the actual pattern.. or if I added a few extra chains.. probably a few extra chains.. I may have to count because for the life of me I can not remember how many I did.. haha.. it's all good.. this is called "an afghan for him".. the original colors were cream, black and red.. with every other row in the cream.. me being me went in my own direction.. adding extra chains.. of course I did... by using navy, gray and white and by not going with every other row white.. I think it's fine for a "him'.. and I am pretty sure he won't mind once he's snuggled under it when the cold North winds blow.. In Florida.. central Flordia at that.. hahah.. Here's to you Matthew... when it's completed I hope you enjoy it and think of your Aunt Cyndi every time you use it.. well, maybe not.. but do think of me... some.. haha.. love you buddy!

First attempt on the "Matthew Thomas" afghan...
AND.. this is it being taken apart.. didn't like the thickness .. tried using 2 strands.. still didn't like it so I decided on a different pattern.
And this is where I am now.. waiting.. I've run out of gray yarn.. hope to get what I need tomorrow on my way home from Courtney's... wish me luck...

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