Friday, July 3, 2009

wii fit update...

so, that daggum little cartoon character still goes "Ohhhhhhhh" when I step on the wii board.. but every now and then, just when I'm about to put my foot through the tv, I get this "GREAT" from him! Today I did the fit test and I'm tickled to say I'm down 3 lbs !! That's a pound more than I set for myself in a 2 week period. This character wants my obese butt to do the test daily but I can't take the failure I know I'll see each day so I decided on a 2 week limit. I'm down a total of 6.9 lbs in 6 weeks... I think that's pretty good! My goal is to drop at least a lb a week and work my way to fitness so I can keep up with these amazing grandkids I have... no way am I going to be the "granny" of yesteryear.. I want to boogie right beside them all!

Thought you'd like to see other's that are enjoying the wii fit program too! Sophia loves a ball... she doesn't care if it's Gabe's ball or one on the tv... she just loves balls!

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