Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer time... and the living is easy...

lalalalala.. or so they say.. this summer has been hot as blazes!!! Maddie's pool looks pretty good to this YaYa.. and if the "neighbors" wouldn't peek over the fence and think they had seen a whale this far inland I do believe I'd be in that thar pool!!! ha!

The garden is about done in.. too many high temp days and not enough water..but it's been a good year.. the green beans are done... only got a couple of pickings from them... the watermelon are about ready.. which in my opinion makes for good eats all the way round. The corn was pretty good .. had to fight deer and goats off in the beginning but managed to get a few ears of corn put aside for winter... did I mention tomatoes? Well, let me tell you.. I'm getting them... the best year ever!! ha! I've frozen tons and made juice from tons and have eaten tons.. and.. still have tons to be harvested! Too bad you can't freeze them for sandwiches in the winter.. ha!

An update on the grandkids.. all are well. Maddie has finished dance.. we've put her on the list for the fall session. She seems to have liked it although I hear she was a regular chatter box during observation week.. I wonder if Mickie can handle her? I sure hope so.. she's too cute for words in her tutu!
Sophia is speaking more.. but still I have to wonder what goes through her mind.. she gives you these looks as if to say "you'll never figure me out ah-ha!" and I do believe that.. she's definately in to everything these days.. she's learned to climb on the couch and in my chair. Let me get up and she's flyin' in it too.. with that little grin .. knowing it's my chair and she's not giving it up.. at all... Zeke is moving along at a high rate of speed too.. he is still doing the comando crawl and running in his walker. The new thing I saw today is climbing in his chair.. Courtney says he's climbing the stairs too! Scary!! Today when I went in I was greeted with a huge smile.. warms my heart to know he does love his YaYa.. I tried all day to bribe him to say YaYa.. offering a dollar didn't seem to impress him.. but I swear.. I'm positive he did say it.. and I didn't even have to fork over the dough! LOL. I'm sure his mama would disagree.. but you know, us YaYa's know a different language .. NaNa's do too.. so, I'm sure, absolutely positive he called me today..

We discovered a new way to blow bubbles.. easy peasy! The kiddies LOVED it.. I guess they spent the better part of 2 hours playing with these bubbles, inside and outside! What a great way to spend an afternoon and it didn't cost a dime.. well, maybe a dime.. but that's it!

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