Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Flower Children...

I had hoped to get photos of all the grandkids in the sunflowers.. Zeke didn't stay long enough to check it out but I did get the girls.. Maddie loved it.. Sophia, being Sophia could have cared less. The bees are enjoying it although a beekeeper at the zoo told us not to plant sunflowers if we were expecting to harvest honey.. Odd.. since a beekeeping site sent me sunflower seeds for that reason.. and to help promote bees... anyway, bumble bees have been enjoying the flowers nonstop since the first one opened. I have shared the beautiful flowers with Courtney and Susie...I think they both had allergy attacks within 24 hours because of my generosity.. Susie put her flowers on the deck, Courtney kept her's in the house.. but, then again, I never mentioned the connection to her when she told me she wasn't feeling well the day after getting her bunch... I wisely left them in the field to enjoy from the comfort of my home!

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