Saturday, July 16, 2011

Baby Wipes container...

take 3 or 4.. maybe it's 5 or 6.. not sure now... I've cut, recut, glued, undone, glued again ... and have finally decided to leave it alone.. and start a new one~! I've discovered... a couple of times no less.. that "LESS IS MORE"......
I have also discovered these little cases are definately habit forming. I can see them done up for every holiday.. and special occasion.. just like women need a purse and shoes to match each outfit a baby must have one of these cases for every outfit/occasion.. whoa.. wait a minute!! Unless I have married a Rockeffeler or robbed Fort Knox I need to come up with a way to change these out instead of making a new one each time.. hmm.. Putting my thinking cap on here...*SMOKE shooting out the ears...* I could do those little sack things I've seen but that's just not the same.. I'm pretty sure these are not going to be switched out containers.. so, maybe, just maybe, I did marry a Rockeffeler after all...

1 comment:

  1. Cute, cute, cute, Sis! You did a great job!
    Love the hot pink with the black & white.
    Huggies ~