Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby Wipes "revamp" take one.. or 2 depending on how you look at it!


so, I gave up the mod podge notion.. for now.. let's just say it's on the back burner because I just have to have one of these cute wipes cases revamped.. today.. as in .. I really, REALLY wanted it done yesterday... enter one night of no sleep.. one great day of shopping with BFF... one afternoon of playtime with the sweet grand daughters.. so.. needless to say.. no project was even attempted.. which, is a good thing.. considering...

UGH... I somewhat patiently... okay, impatiently cut the pieces needed.. I even took photos.. Yea, I know.. imagine.. anyway.. I cranked up the glue gun... and got to work.. do you hate glue sticks as much as I do? ...The next try will be with something less stringy as these glue sticks I have.. they must be left over from the old Carol Duvall days..

I glued the felt to the top.. let it sit for a bit.. then added the cut piece of fabric.. that went fairly well.. until the glue began to gang up on me.. UGH...
stringy, hot, glue.. I weathered on and finished the bottom exactly like the top. I've seen some options to only use fabric and no backing but I chose to back mine.. it's your decision... *I keep assuming someone is actually reading my posts... when in reality no one does... haha*

I chose a green ribbon to trim the piece with.. let me just say.. it looks perfect with the pattern I chose, however, all that glue that ganged up on me is now becoming layers of glue.. yes, it's bad.. no, I will not be gifting anyone with this particular project.. it's mine.. to keep.. and pout over.. and I will!

That being said.. I'm off to the 2nd one.. with more patience.. less stringy glue and a determination to make it "gift worthy"...

I'm pretty sure I see an exacto knife in my future.. Take That STRINGY glue stick mess!

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