Monday, October 17, 2011

And then there were ...

25.. yes, 25... as in 11 chickens, 2 roosters and 12 chicks!! Rik and Cindy have been searching for this one particular hen.. they had finally resigned themselves to the fact she was "gone" .. as in dead.. carted off by a big bird of some sort.. * I kept saying I had seen her.. but they were doubtful* Rik was sitting at the kitchen table and he happened to see her fly down from the hay rack.. he went to investigate and discovered a huge nest.. he was pretty sure she was sitting.. The next day he checked her again and discovered one chick.. he wasn't sure how many eggs she had.. nor how many had hatched and decided to move her.. that was quickly decided against once he tried and realized she was hatching eggs left and right.. After he got off of work the next day he decided to move her to the coop.. once he gathered the hen, chicks and eggs up he said it went quickly.. we all checked the chicks.. have you ever seen anything so cute?? then tromped back in the house. He thought she had at least a dozen chicks.. After a bit of cuteness Rik and the kids came back in the house.. When Rik checked the next time he decided to remove the eggs that weren't hatched.. a full dozen.. while doing that he got a head count.. a full dozen chicks.. so now.. instead of having 11 hens and 2 roosters.. we have 25 total!! YIKES.. That's a lot of chickens/roosters.. so.. I'm thinking we'll become the "Green Acres" family..!

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