Thursday, October 27, 2011


really.. I'm not.. although from the looks of these pictures you would never believe me... my husband, Rick, is a hoarder.. I never knew just how bad this was until he stopped working 24/7 and became a family man after 26 years of marriage.. now, 6 years later it's become way... too... much... so, I've taken the challenge.. I'm clearing out the basement, the garage, the closets, spare bedrooms and dining room.. although I will own the dining room.. seriously, it's not that bad... now.. haha..
I'm also going to take giant steps toward thinning my Christmas stash.. I will admit I have a bad habit of purchasing new christmas "stuff" whether I need it or not.. for the past 2 years I have not purchased as much.. notice.. I said.. AS MUCH.. The Christmas stash has been thinned a few times.. I'm about to tackle it again.. wish me luck..
I've made 3 hauls to Goodwill since Sunday.. today is another day.. shhhhhhhhhh.. don't tell Rick.. what he doesn't know won't hurt him!!!

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