Thursday, October 6, 2011

I made a tiered serving dish..

from 2 candle holders, a dinner plate, a salad plate and a tidbit dish... Used the good old E6000 glue... only I don't think it's that great. Works fine.. holds everything as promised.. but it's harder than heck to get it out of the tube. From day one I've had nothing but problems.. not... a... fan... Will find a different more user friendly product to use.. soon...
Make sure your dishes are clean and dry. Run a bead of glue on the bottom of the candle holder, place it in the center of the BOTTOM of the salad plate... do the same thing with the 2nd candle stick, placing it in the center of the bottom of the tidbit dish. Set aside and let dry. I left mine overnight. Once dry, run a bead of glue on the top of the candle stick *where the candle would go*, place it in the center of the large plate. You now have the first 2 pieces of the tier. After this dries, repeat with the 2nd candle holder and center in the salad plate. Let dry. Again, I did this over night... so it actually took 2 full days to complete. I'm not the most patient person but take my word.. it's a good idea to learn patience.. yep.. pretty good idea. I think I should have used a saucer and not the tidbit piece.. it's a bit heavy.. but, it looks good sitting on my sideboard... I'll try this again using different things.. good thing Goodwill sells items cheap.. and takes any excess pieces made off of my hands.. LOL..
Of course, I forgot to take photos as I moved along with the project. I will be more responsible the next time.. I promise!

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