Thursday, December 1, 2011

2 more wreaths...

My special helper, Sophia!

Red/Green/White plaid wreath: 11 plaid bows made from geo mesh ribbon, 1 green bow made from geo mesh ribbon, 1 swim noodle, held together with duct tape and E6000 glue, ribbon of co-ordinating color wrapped around noodle to cover it.

Ornament wreath: one coat hanger, 36 shatter proof ornaments

I decided I'd make new bows for my green wreaths that I put in each window.. once I made them.. Eleven in all... I decided I didn't like them on the wreaths.. you couldn't see them from very far off.. so, I removed them ... all.. again... I hear third times the charm so.. I set about making new bows again today.. *photos will come later...* I think I finally settled on the one I like.. guess I'm just a traditonal kind of gal after all.. Red geo mesh won out! LOL..
Anyway, here are 2 more wreaths I made this morning... sold the red/green/white plaid one today!! YIPPEE!! I had a special helper with the ornament wreath..
Now to get orders for more!!

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