Friday, December 2, 2011

Candy Marathon, Round 1

we make lots and lots of candy around here during the holidays. It began 32 years ago.. and has grown every year.. it's an annual event and I look forward to it! When Courtney married and moved to Wake Forrest Susie and I drove down, supplies in hand and made candy in the tiny kitchen of her apartment.. Courtney wasn't feeling well.. later we found out she was pregnant with Zeke.. Now days Courtney is in Durham and we've started doing our marathon in stages.. with 2 boys and a very active weekend as the wife of a small groups paster... as well as being so involved with her church family weekend time isn't too available.. however, today, Courtney came in for a visit with the boys. We jumped at the opportunity to do our candy marathon !! YIPPEE.. mixing, rolling, chilling, dipping, chilling, tasting, bagging... on and on and on.. through Buckeye balls, Maple Creams, several different truffles, barks, and cookies.. we marched on.. until finally the last piece was dipped and ready to take home.. I don't know what I was thinking.. I never snapped a picture until Ben came to check out the end result. I will do better next weekend when round 2 of the annual candy marathon takes place...

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