Friday, December 16, 2011

Candy Marathon #2

Last Saturday we did the 2nd Candy Marathon.. actually, if I'm counting correctly it was the 3rd .. I'm not counting the one I did for myself.. haha...
At 9:00 AM sharp the cars rolled up... I'm thinking it's a good thing not everyone that said they were coming did ... we had people and candy supplies everywhere... I can not believe I didn't take pictures until the very end of the day.. sad..
My best friend, Becky, her daughter Sarah and the 2 grandkids came. April, Jamie and Jackson came, Susie, Shellie and eventually Sierra, Bradun and Taylor showed up. Of course, Maddie and Sophia were here because Rik had to go in to work. We decided to do his candy later..

I mixed everyone's candy.. they rolled, dipped and bagged it.. I'm so glad I thought to have them bring their own small crock pots. We would STILL be dipping chocolate if we only had my one little pot! In fast order we decided to make the Buckeye Balls first. After I mixed 4 batches some decided they wanted double batches.. yep.. these were the "first timers"... those of us that are used to candy making know about the rolling and dipping.. LOL.. Next came the Maple Cream centers, again, lots of rolling.. Dipped Marshmallows followed while the centers of the other candy chilled.... The girls were amazed by my "decorating skills"... using a marshmallow to drizzle chocolate over the tops of the marshmallows.. haha.. Yes, I have skills folks.. serious skills!

Susie learned a valuable lesson.. don't skimp on products... You can use Margarine.. but it doesn't soften the same way so you need to adjust your time.. also "chocolate bark" isn't real chocolate and doesn't work the same way.. each year something new is learaned..

We had to take a break and go to the Gibsonville Christmas Parade... Frankly, if Maddie wasn't in it I wouldn't have gone.. I don't need to see a bazillion mustangs in different shades of red... or black.. or white. I don't need to hear the fire sirens of every small community fire truck.. I do not need to smell or see the nasty dirty horses that follow Santa.. who does? seriously? I hope Maddie chooses to watch the parade next year.. haha...

When we got back from the parade and everyone washed up it was on to the pretzels and cookie dipping. April discovered the most amazing taste for her oreos dipped in Andes Mint chips and semi-sweet chocolate. I will be borrowing that one.. for sure. I made spiced pecans for Becky and Sarah.. helped Susie with her peppermint bark... which didn't set right for some reason.. again.. I'm thinking it's the chocolate bark and not the chocolate chips that caused the problem... either way.. I manged to save it.. I hope..

I had such a good time.. but was so exhausted by the end of the day.. I think it's taken me until today to get over it.. ha!
Cindy had to work so we did her candy on Sunday night.. over a period of a couple of days she's made truffles and buckeye balls. I'm thinking she's done. Susie wants her "own" day.. so, we're making candy again Sunday afternoon... she'll have to share her day with Michelle.. I think after this we'll be completely candided out.. at least I will be. I'm pretty sure I've mixed, or helped with 200 lbs of candy this year..
It's a wonderful Christmas tradition I hope my family will continue after I'm long gone.. I love making these wonderful memories with them all...

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