Sunday, August 14, 2011

Glass etching...

I had forgotten just how easy this is using Armor Etch Cream.. years ago.. I'm thinking around 10 years ago... I discovered this cream and made glasses for my high school reunion.. 1.00 store wine glasses.. etching cream... a sign shop made my stencil.. easy peasy.. put it all away and forgot about it until this week when my niece, Susie, asked if I could help her out with a gift for her Step son to give his groomsmen.. THIS COMING WEEK.. nothing like waiting until the last minute, eh? Anyway, back to etching.. I searched my cabinets... lo and behold there is the very same bottle I have had for years.. I wasn't sure if it was still good.. but dug it out anyway. Guess what? It was!!
I pulled out my trusty crucit expression *mind you I've hardly used it in the year I've owned it* found a tut online about contact paper and stencils.. and set to work. The hardest thing was choosing the right font and size. The 2nd hardest thing is getting the contact paper on the round bottle or glass... it's tricky but do-able.. Make sure you have your edges sealed completely as the cream will seep under any edges that aren't... I used a 1 inch sponge brush and dabbed the cream all over the opening of the letter. Lay the object flat so the cream won't run and wait 5 minutes .. at least.. a bit longer won't hurt.. however, it was all I could do to wait the 5 minutes. My suggestion is to work in cycles unless you have a lot of patience waiting.. Rinse the cream off, pull off the stencil and dry .. as the water dries you'll see your etching come through. I love this.. I will be doing everything glass that will accept the cream. I have found some items won't etch with it.. such as a couple of bottles and a pickle jar.. they'll be used in a different craft.. in a few days.. I will NOT be defeated in my attempts to monogram everything I see.. haha


  1. Hey girl, this is awesome! I really want to do this for a friend for Christmas this year, but I can't find where to find large plain glass steins like yours in the last picture. Do you remember where you purchased them?

    1. I know they have them at our local Dollar Tree and they're actually really nice and thick... Can't beat only having to pay $1!