Friday, August 19, 2011

KitchenAid Mixer and Cricut...

are they supposed to be pals? Do you think they can be? According to lots of folks in blogland yes, they can .. according to me and my attempts today.. Not so sure.. it's a work in progress.. Have I said that before? Umm.. yep.. pretty sure I have..
I want to put polka dots on my mixer.. I don't have a polka dot cartridge for my cricut.. nor do I have 2 different size polka dot punches.. so, I went with scroll work.. forgot to flip it when I was making them so they are all going the same way.. Good thing I can scrape this off and begin again.. Good thing the vinyl only cost 1.79 per 12x24 sheet. Good thing I didn't use an entire sheet of either color.. that might be a costly mistake.. I'll work on Take 2 later.. I have a Bridal Breakfast to get ready for tomorrow morning so I have other things to work on today.. NO MORE PLAYING.. seriously.. NO MORE.. I mean it.. NO. MORE. !!! bahahah.. we'll see..

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