Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

I watched the ball drop this year for the first time in years.. the way I see it a New Year is coming on Jan 1 if I'm asleep or awake.. I prefer sleep. This year my friend Carol and her husband, Shane spent the New Year with us... although it wasn't a planned New Year visit it happened none the less. Carol and Shane came up to visit for Christmas, she got sick and ended up in the hospital .. when she got out she took a day to recoop before hitting the road back to Winter Haven FL... so, we spent our first New Year's Eve together in a long, long time.. it didn't matter that we probably both needed a nap in order to see the new year in.. we were together.. and it was nice.. Dick Clark has aged.. so have we... but, still. it was fun.. Now at 12:01 I was ready for it to be over.. my eyes like the backside of my lids too much to stay awake for too long..
Today we had our last Christmas dinner of the season.. I love this dinner.. it's my Mama's family dinner and I'm glad to say even though Mama has been gone for 10 years my sisters and my brother still try to get together with as many family members as we can. It's great to see everyone .. catch up on the gossip.. see who's missing so we can talk about them.. remember those that aren't with us any longer.. it's always been the last hurrah.. the one more little tid-bit to end the Christmas holiday on a good note.. something my kids always looked forward to when they were young.. now I'm hoping my grandkids will enjoy it too.. Sad that some family members choose not to come... it's their choice.. and to be honest, their loss as they are losing touch with family.. and family is important.. So many young folks these days don't get that.. sad...
I'll clean out this week .. we have a baby shower to get ready for on Saturday.. So, to say I'm ready for the Holiday to be over isn't true.. I love the whole she-bang.. the more the merrier for me.. and I enjoy decorating, cooking, baking, visiting, watching Hallmark Channel nonstop.. I'll also enjoy dismantling the whole house.. bit by bit.. with the Christmas movies blasting.. I make it an occasion.. and not a sad one.. I will enjoy it to the very last minute.. and .. I hope you did too...

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