Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No... it's not a wreath!

I know, you can't believe it.. but, it really isn't a wreath.. I decided to try my hand at a No Sew Tulle TuTu. There are plenty of tutorials out there.. I searched pinterest,youtube,google.. all are good.. I however am all thumbs and had a struggle in tying the tulle once I had cut it.. honestly.. can it be easier? Evidentally it isn't for me! haha..
So, here you go

No Sew TuTu or Almost NO SEW Tutu

3 rolls of tulle
1/2 inch width elastic band *I cut 16 inches, sewed it to 14 inches* mine is for an infant so you may want to make your's larger.
either good scissors or a roller cutter
I tried both.. liked scissors better.

Measure your tulle to the desired length, in this case, 16 inches. I am sorry to say I didn't count how many from each roll I cut. I just used the entire roll. I then tied 2 of each color to the elastic until I had it as full as I liked. again, I didn't count. Sorry. I'm not a tutorial writer.. just someone who likes to share.

I plan to make several of these as I have 2 grand daughters with a 3rd due in a matter of weeks. I'm also going to make tulle pom poms to go on headbands. I would LOVE to see all 3 grandbabies in matching tulle and headbands.. a Yaya can dream, right?

*I went back and counted the tulle pieces.. 88 for this particular tutu. You could do less I'm sure as it's pretty fluffy. AND, side note.. it fits a 3 year old.. not an infant so take that in to consideration!*

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