Wednesday, January 25, 2012

TuTu take Two

And.. a headband to match...
this one is for my great niece. Her birthday is coming up and I just knew she had to have her own tutu and matching headband. I plan to make a shirt to go along with both.. wish me luck.. I'm flyin' by the seat of my pants here!

Elastic 16 inches, sewn to 14 inches
Red,White and Black tulle cut to 14 inches allowing for 1.5 inches to be tied. This time instead of tying each piece in 2 knots, I did the good old loop tie.. fold in half, place looped end under elastic, bring ends up and through loop, pull to tighten. I didn't tighten these all the way until the entire tutu was complete. I went back to adjust and tighten all at one time.. this way I avoided having to trim the ends.
The headband is a pompom made from about 2 yards of the 3 colored tulle. I used the ends of a spool of ribbon ... place a piece of ribbon between the 2 pieces of cardboard take from the ribbon spool, begin wrapping the tulle through the center hole, around the cardboard, back through the center hole until you've used all the tulle. With scissors snip, snip, snip the tulle, making sure you DO NOT CUT the ribbon inside... yep.. I sure did.. when you've cut all the way around pull the cardboard apart, do not remove completely, tighten the ribbon now in the center of the pom pom... or if you happen to cut the ribbon, wrap a new piece around and tighten. Tie off. I added an alligator clip to the pom pom then attached that to an elastic headband I made. Sorry.. no photos or measurements of the elastic piece.. I just didn't think of it...

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